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Who is Empress DJ?



Hello and Aloha – I am Empress DJ.  I am an avid reader, crazy old cat lady, recreational swimmer, Hawaii resident, renegade book reviewer, and all-purpose Goddess.  I have been married to the same sweet little man for over 30 years without killing or maiming him, which is a major accomplishment for us both.

I started off as a guest reviewer in 2013 after reigniting a long-ignored love of reading and discovered the vast world of book blogs and Goodreads.  I love to read but am a bit picky about what I chose to spend my time with.  I like women’s fiction, spicy romances, cozy mysteries, thrillers, suspense, contemporary fiction, and some paranormal… but I am not really a fan of horror or zombies.  Zombies are just so tiresome… they are horrible conversationalists, prone to poor hygiene and obnoxious moaning, and only seem to want me for my brains…



I appreciate each of your comments, and you don’t ever need to blow smoke up my skirt!  Feel free to leave comments on the blog, leave messages on Facebook, or use the form on the Contact Us information page.


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