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forbidden faith

Forbidden Faith



*WARNING…Explicit language and sex. Hot Scenes with Rockers! Not intended for those under 18 years*

They fell in love and it was perfect, until it wasn’t. A pay off, a lie. Two lives torn apart, gone their separate ways. Is it possible to rekindle when you are Forbidden Faith?


Judging June

Judging June



**WARNING—Not for ages under 18 years. Explicit Language/Sex**


June Tyndall and Phillip Caffrey are polar opposites.
June is a free spirit that owns and operates her own music label. She has tattoos, piercings and dresses like the rocker she is and the brand she represents.
Phillip is an architect. He is clean cut, prim and proper guy that works out at the gym and dresses in fine tailored suits.
There is nothing about June that Phillip finds attractive, especially her graphic body art. She isn’t the typical woman he goes after.
One drunken night leads June and Phillip into each others’ arms and bed. But for every action there is a reaction, and sometimes life changing consequences.
Will Phillip finally look past the image and see June for who she is? Or will he continue judging June and accept the consequences?
Can opposites truly attract?


Harmony’s Healing



Danny Jay, lead guitarist of the hottest new band, JINXS has found himself fighting for control in his own life. He can’t control his father’s choices, the sister he blames for his abandonment or his best friend dating his sister. It’s the ultimate betrayal leaving him bitter, angry and unforgiving.
Harmony’s older sister raised her after their parent’s fatal car accident instead of going into the foster care system. When tragedy struck again Harmony made the hardest choices to pay the bills and survive. She gets a second chance to build a better life when offered a job at Montgomery Suites, where she crosses paths with Danny.

After one horrible drunken evening at Montgomery Suites, Harmony takes care of Danny and feels a connection but he is damaged and reserved. Will these two abandoned souls be able to heal each other?


My Rating:

4 hearts


Favorite Quotes:

Forbidden Faith

“I have always seen myself as a loyal, dedicated, hard working person no matter if I was buying drugs for my mother or hauling building bricks at my job.”


“Money doesn’t make the person, the heart does.”


“The hate has been pressing against my heart for so many years that it’s too painful to let it go.”


“You’re it for me, Faith.  No one else is going to get inside my heart or inside my bed, but you.  Your skin, eyes, hair, body and soul are implanted deep within my blood.”


Judging June


“Where has my head been all this time?  Why haven’t I realized that this gorgeous woman, attached to my lips, is who I have been waiting for?  She’s not at all what I expected in a woman, yet she’s everything I have ever wanted in one.”


“I don’t want to be too close, he smells too good.  God what on earth does he use?  I want to lick him.”


“It’s bringing us closer together and maybe… just maybe we can start going out on dates, like the movies, dinner, theater, whatever.  It’s not the end.  It’s just the beginning.”


“I exhale on a grin; relief, happiness, elation and so many other emotions are swirling inside my heart I believe I am going to burst into hundreds of tiny bow and arrows.”


Harmony’s Healing


“She may look innocent and angelic on the outside, but what I just discovered is… she’s made of steel.”


“I can’t tell what he’s thinking.  He either wants to come running into my arms, or he wants to chop me up into tiny pieces.  He’s such a mystery – he scares me.  Yet, at the same time, he doesn’t.”


“It’s hard to see what’s right in front of your face when you are full of anger.”


My Review:


Forbidden Faith is my first TJ West experience, and I was pleasantly surprised and ever so thankful that I signed up to read all three books of the series.  Quickly after I had started reading Book 1, I added every book in her Goodreads listing to my TBR.  Ms. West’s writing was absorbing, dynamic, sensual, insightful, and addicting, so much so that I suffered a massive book hangover from my inability to stop reading.  Her characters are interesting, complicated, and multi-layered.

Angst is not my favorite thing, but if it is one of yours – you will be ecstatic with these books.   I enjoy Ms. West’s knack and skill with the alternating POV of the two main characters in each book, although I personally could have done with far less heart squeezing melodrama in Harmony’s Healing, as I crave balance in my world.  The plot and characters are active and brimming over with deeply buried secrets, eye-popping revelations, debilitating regrets, and long-held hostility.  Ms. West does sensual scenes very well… Mr. West must be quite the happy camper.

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