Series Book Review: Vipers Den by JB Heller

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My Rating:

5 hearts

Favorite Quotes:

#1 Piper and Kade


“You wouldn’t think computer geek went with football captain, but that was Kade.  He was a walking contradiction: sexy as hell, tall, broad, muscular, and able to hack any computer put in front of him.  He would be easier to hate if he wasn’t so attractive.”


“Yes, baby.  I’ve wanted to call you that for the longest time.  Now that you’re mine, I’m going to be calling you all sorts of god awful pet names, and you’re going to like it.”


“Calling me his woman should have disgusted me, but it didn’t.  What the hell was wrong with me!  I actually liked it.  Maybe I was running a low grade fever.”


# 2 Pixie and Jake


“My fiancé’ won’t be there to help me beat you, he’ll be there to make sure you can walk away when I’m done.”


“Every time he touched me, my skin tingled.  Every time his eyes were on me, I could feel it.  Jake made me feel alive.”


“You know, my Bob, Battery-Operated Boyfriend.”


“Are you telling me you’ve flicked your bean to that picture?”


“I decided to help her out with a few acceptable options.  ‘Boyfriend, lover, man meat, eye candy, sex slave, penis on the premises…?’”


#3 Tay & Nate

“Let me tell you, hell hath no fury like a bunch of raggy women with scissors in their hands and hot wax at their disposal.”


“You’re my rockabilly princess, I refuse to lose you.”


“Where’d you go just now?  You were right off with the fairies.  I tried getting your attention but you were on another planet.”


“I meant every word I said, Tay, you’re mine, and I’m not letting you go.”


My Review:

I am proud to say, I am one of JB Heller’s original fans.  When she started her Facebook page, the “Likes” were in single digits when I zealously clicked that button.  So I am always ready and thrilled to read and review her newest works.  I loved  the Vipers Den series and her every expanding cast of quirky characters.  Each tale was steamy, interesting, entertaining, witty, wicked funny, and well-paced.  I adore her writing and her stories never fail to put a smile on my face.   She writes about “alternative” characters, but she has a knack of cleverly putting forth their humanity, and imbuing them with so much appeal, that they seem mainstream by the time I have settled into the tale.  One of the main characters of this series is the proprietress of Vipers Den, which is a “beauty salon that caters to the misfits of society.”  Her looks are described as “intimidating.”  She probably would appear unapproachable to me if I met her on the street, yet in her story, she is a typical gal and good person; she owns a business, works hard, and is falling in love.  Daunting looks or not, I enjoyed spending my afternoon with her.  During the continuation of the series, the stories continue but each is a stand-alone installment, with no sucky cliffhanger in sight – which is always a plus in my eyes.


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