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A Village Romance

by Lynda Renham writing as Amy Perfect


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The second book in the Little Perran romance series.

‘As a heat wave rolls into Little Perran, so does love. Billy Baxter, the has-been rock star, and Rafe Wylde, the hunky farm worker arrive, both destined to cause havoc as they touch the lives of the villagers. Milly finds a new job and things start to look up for her, but she is unaware that a ghost from her past is looking for her. ‘

Funny, Compassionate and Sizzling Sexy, a Village Romance is a page-turning summer read. A Village Romance is the second book in The Little Perran Romance series by Lynda Renham writing as Amy Perfect.

This book is in two parts. Part two is available as an e-book and is titled ‘A Summer Romance’

The first in this series is ‘A Christmas Romance’ and can be read as a stand alone novella.



A Summer Romance

by Lynda Renham writing as Amy Perfect


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This is Part two of a series. Part one was ‘A Village Romance’

‘Milly settles into her new job but does her boss, Ashley Wilmot-Fox, have secrets that he is hiding in Briar Lodge? Will he be able to help Milly fight the ghosts from her past? Will Billy’s blundering romance last, and will Rafe’s secret affair be exposed? As the villagers prepare for their summer fete they have no idea what will be revealed on that day. ‘

Funny, Compassionate and Sizzling Sexy, A Summer Romance is a page-turning summer read.

A Summer Romance is the sequel to A Village Romance and is the third book in the Little Perran series by Lynda Renham writing as Amy Perfect. The first book was ‘A Christmas Romance’


My Rating:

5 hearts


Favorite Quotes:


 A Village Romance


That bleeding dog is better groomed than I am… She feeds it caviar. I bloody ask you. It nearly bit my whatsit off once. All I was trying to do was get into my own bed. It was my bed of course. Comes to something when the only threesome you have with your tart is with her bloody poodle.


Try and keep the noise down if you would. We’re having a funeral and the Sex Pistols weren’t quite what we’d planned as our accompaniment to carry in the hearse…


He felt the earth hit his backside and cursed.   The rotavator was off, like a Dr. Who monster, spitting out vegetation in its wake… ‘I’m just doing a bit of gardening,’ he said innocently.


A Summer Romance


 I hope you mean pheasant, Billy? We’d be a bit worried if you were killing the peasants.


My Review:


I adored both of these amusing and well-written novellas about a tiny British village “in the country” with its special blend of residents and recent new arrivals.   I was soon fascinated by each and every character as they proved to be a varied bunch, each with their own secrets and inner musings. A Village Romance was a quick and enticing read that had my attention from the start and kept me engaged throughout. The writing was humorous yet insightful and captivating in the midst of the fun. I love learning new words and phrases and being on the other side of 2 oceans from my Brit friends, I was on the back foot with several of the cultural references, slang, and maxims, as they were completely unknown to me -but it was fun looking them up and asking my Brit friends for help, and have since added them to my mental file of Brit vernacular.

A Summer Romance concluded The Little Perran Romance Series with a few exciting and intriguing twists to this adorable and amusing series. Several sweet and tender budding romances sprang forth and the writing took a more sensual turn from the previous installment. The village was abuzz in preparation for their annual fete with the newcomer celebs helping them kick it up several notches from their previous events. Toss in a jealous scorned woman who was also a vindictive gossip, then add in an unstable and violent man intent on tracking down his ex, and the story becomes even more compelling. And my favorite old rocker turned country gent, Billy Baxter, can always be counted on to provide comic relief. I feel like I hit the mother lode in stumbling into this series with excellent writing, an amusing and entertaining storyline, endearing characters, steamy sensuality, sweet romances, jealousy, competition, intrigue and adventure – this old cougar found Nirvana! I would love to read books like this every day.

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About The Author

Lynda Renham has been writing for as long as she can remember and had her first work published in a magazine at age nine and has continued writing in various forms Lynda Renhamsince. She has had several poems published as well as articles in numerous magazines and newspapers. Recently she has taken part in radio discussions on the BBC.

She has studied literature and creative writing and has a blog on her web

Lynda lives with her second husband and cat in Oxfordshire, England. She is Associate Editor for the online magazine The Scavenger and contributor to many others. When not writing Lynda can usually be found wasting her time on Facebook.



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