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shaft on tour

 Shaft On Tour –  Six Book Series 
By Cat Mason
Punishing Me – Book #6 – Release Date: April 2, 2016

Book Blurb

Being the new bassist for Shaft is a dream come true for Ireland Tyler. Sold out stadiums and screaming fans are just bonuses to being able to play music she loves. The only downside is it brings her face to face with a blast from her past and her only regret: Dominick Bradford.

The second in command of security for the band may go by Mack now, but all Ireland sees is the boy who used her and left her broken hearted when they were just seventeen years old. Could this be her chance at revenge after all these years, or will it cause old feelings to rise to the surface and cost more than she is prepared to give?

Mack has been the number two and the butt of most jokes for as long as he can remember. When he is suddenly thrust into the top dog position he is determined to prove he has what it takes to run the security team during the last leg of the tour.

The only thing he didn’t count on was Ireland Tyler.

The wild and crazy bassist is far from the sweet and naïve girl he met all those years ago and it has him wondering how well he really knew her at all. Will Mack be able to resist her and do his job, or will he be consumed by the flames and be the one left wanting more this time?

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My Rating:


4.5 hearts 

Favorite Quotes:

Escaping Me
“I don’t see anyone with you, Wildflower.  You shouldn’t be left alone in here; someone could come along and pluck your petals,”


“You two are so damn hot together, I swear they’ll be fining you for contributing to Global Warming.”


“He’s trashed.  One too many rounds with Stoli.  Told that stupid bastard you never win when you take on a Russian.”


“You realize you’re going to get random pussy at a truck stop, right? … That’s not groupie sleaze, Cunter.  That’s like throwin’ a Twinkie down a hallway … She walks like a gun slinger at high noon.”


 #2 Facing Me


“It’s lust, pure and simple, but she’s desperate to see his pierced equipment.  According to him, there’s more metal than flesh in his pants and Chase is desperate to see his transformer in action.”


“She was a damn butt pirate; all trying to plunder my booty!”


“The universe is in perfect balance with itself; now the bacon and booze shall be plentiful, says the almighty shaft.”


“Hunter shrugs, ‘I’m studying to be a porn star medic.’  His grin widens, ‘I will prep the pussy, tending to their every need.  In a recession, the best idea is to have a backup plan.  So, if necessary, I can be a jack of all trades.’”


“‘…don’t go to the dark side Mack.’  Aiden teases dramatically, ‘It’s not worth it.  Hunter is a weapon of mass corruption.’”


#3 Chasing Me


“I’ll never come close to expressing the depth of what I feel for you, baby, but I’ll spend the rest of my life givin’ it all I got if you’ll let me.”


“‘I got a new shirt to go with him.’  Hunter turns in his seat so that I can read ‘Are you looking at my wiener?’ written across his chest with a picture of a dachshund.”


“Okay, sure.  You left an ‘Out of Order’ sign on her forehead.  Angels sang and World Peace is attainable all because you made her scream.  Happy now?”


“All that’s left for you to take is my name; you already have my heart.”


#4 Shafting the Halls


“Mack yells over the energy drink fueled Mommy’s Gone Wild episode going on before me… I wince as Gray is being trampled to the ground by more shoppers piling through the doors…”


“A lot of women scream, heading straight for me, their brawling momentarily forgotten.  With as much fighting as there was to get in the door, it has to be said I am disappointed no one was trampled to get to me.  I am a way better toy.  Plus, all my moving parts work, just saying.”


“My goal in life is to make you feel like the only women in the world, my Wildflower, because you’re the only one I see.  You’ve given me everything I never thought I’d have.”


#5 Fighting Me


“X-rated Scrabble around here is serious business.  One wrong play, and it can turn into pandemonium.”


“Hunter’s damn near foaming at the mouth watching me plate up the last slices.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d think he was rabid.”


“I get that I said something that I shouldn’t have, but we all have dark pieces in our pasts, Henry.  If not, the light wouldn’t be worth fighting for.”


“Don’t try to understand Bitchenese… One false translation is all it takes for all hell to break loose.”


“‘He’s your beau?’  she asks, waggling her brows suggestively.  ‘Well you should’ve said somethin’ before I got my hopes up.  I thought you brought me home a hunk of the Florida Keys.  You really shouldn’t disappoint an old woman like that, Rae Marie.  If we weren’t in front of the stud here I’d take my spoon to your ass.”


“Placing her glass of chocolate milk back on the table, she scrunches up her nose.  ‘If a boy even breathes on me, I scream and tell him that my daddy will whoop his ass.’”


“Sitting back on her walker, Iva rests her elbows on the handles.  ‘I don’t know what happened, and for your sake, Hunk, I hope it wasn’t your doing. I’m old.  My back and legs hurt, so I can’t kick your ass, but I’ll shoot it if you hold still enough,’ she chuckles.”


#6 Punishing Me


“This is one of those moments the movies and books won’t be telling you about.  They don’t tell you about the sharp stings of rejection and betrayal after you have laid your heart bare to someone who only pretended to care about you to get in your pants.  Another thing they don’t mention is that, just like your first kiss and first love, you’ll never forget your first heartbreak.”


“That’s the thing about music.  It has the power to transport you to the place you were when you first heard that song.  Your senses tie to that bar, that lyrical genius, catchy tune, or even annoying as hell jingle on television, and you can’t forget it even if you tried.”


“Dominick has always had a way with getting under my skin.  I like to compare him to a rash one would get from a shady toilet seat.  He leaves me irritated and desperate for a shower.”


“Cross my heart and hope for fries,”


“If your lippers had zippers, I could shut you up,”


“Now, you want to talk?  Hmm, I wonder if Satan has mittens for when Hell freezes over.”



My Review:


I made my way through six books and 1353 pages to complete this review.  Oh the sacrifices I make for my fellow readers!  As I navigated this series, in addition to observing her growth and improvement as a writer in each subsequent installment, I noticed several things about the talent known as Cat Mason.  She has a clever and snappy wit in addition to her wicked sense of humor.  She is also highly observant of human nature as well as insightful about the vastly different thought processes experienced by different personality types and high-strung and tightly wound artists.  I adored her smart, quirky, volatile, and vibrant characters with all their personal eccentricities as well as their twisted pranks, humor, and profane mouths.  This group could not speak without using expletives or innuendo, and also shared an appreciation for shenanigans, ribald humor, and ravenous sex appetites.  Reading this series throughout the last week I also noticed that in addition to the near constant smirk I wore while reading, Hunter Chesterfield had made an impact on my menu as well, since I was compelled to made a special trip to the grocery store intent on obtaining supplies for the ultimate BLT.

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Cat Mason is a thirty year old, married mother of three. When she isn’t writing; she is spending time with her kiddos or reading. She was born and raised outside of St. Louis, Missouri, just over the Mississippi River in Granite City, Illinois. Cat writes romance of all kinds with twists of humor.

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