Series Book Review: Scorpio Stingers MC by Jani Kay

 Scorpio Stinger MC Reading Order
Ryder – Prequel Book
Two Worlds Colliding Book #1
Unchain My Heart Book #2
A Biker Christmas Novella Book #2.5
Gods & Monsters Book #3
Tormented Book #4 Add To Goodreads

My Rating:

4 hearts


Favorite Quotes:


“Apparently the kind of men I liked, were as easy to find as unicorns.”

“I was aware that a perfect man was non-existent.  So I wasn’t waiting for a perfect man.  I was just waiting for the man who was perfect for me.”

“For a small girl, I had the power of Thor in me when I was mad.”

Worlds Colliding:

“The feral groan that rumbled from his chest made my heart sing.  I liked that I could affect him this much.”

“Trouble is Cobra’s middle name.  Follows him like a stench.”

“I let him hold me, let him stroke my back, soothing me while he hummed.  This was a side of the touch, badass biker I doubted anyone had ever seen.  Was he even aware he was doing it.”

“I never knew I could feel like this about another person.  I can’t name what I feel, because I’ve never felt it before.”

Unchain My Heart:

“My heart was beating so hard against my ribcage, I was afraid a few bones would be broken…”

“And the closer I came to death, the more I appreciated life.”

“That’s how you make me feel Eva.  Breathless.  Out of control.  As if I’m going to die.  But at the same time, excited beyond imagination.”

“See, I have a strong belief that things happen for a reason.  I’m just glad you happened to me.”

Biker Christmas:

“Even the bad times with Jade were good, but the good times were what I breathed for.”

“Holy Mother of all good things.  This man… I loved him so completely.  Every corner of my heart belonged to him.”

“You are my home, Princess.  The place I always want to be – the center of my universe.”

Gods and Monsters:

“Razor was good at providing comic relief when situations were tense, even though he usually didn’t intent to be funny.”

“Like two pieces of a broken puzzle, we fit together perfectly, healing one another in a profound way.”

“I’m a cranky crab, you know I always draw into my shell when I’m hurting.”


My Review:

I have been living in Jani Kay’s world of the Scorpio Stinger MC, and their babes, for several days now.  5 books and 940 pages later – and I was sad to finish – but am eagerly looking forward to her next book in the series.  Ms. Kay’s writing is so descriptive, steamy, and absorbing, that I found it was all too easy to lose myself in her words, even though I am totally unfamiliar with anything leather or Harley related.  I have become so familiar with her rough and tough alpha-male characters that I swear I can hear the growls and rumbles in their voices, and feel the vibrations of their… engines.  Her characters are passionate, hot-tempered, clever, funny, perpetually horny, well-endowed, and multi-talented Romeos that love and protect their women, and each other, with every fiber of their beings.  Hmm, where can I order up one of those?


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