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HotellesAbout Hotelles

Author: Emma Mars

Print Length: 592 pages

Publisher: Harper Perennial (April 8, 2014)

Paris, a hotel room, the middle of the afternoon . . .

So begins the story of Annabelle, a young escort in Paris who has accepted her final proposition before marrying the powerful and generous man of her dreams, media mogul David Barlet. But the mysterious handwritten notes she has been receiving—notes that detail personal fantasies no one could possibly know—don’t prepare her for the fact that her new client is her fiancé’s brother, Louie. Through visits to the Hotel des Charmes, where each chamber is dedicated to one of French history’s great seductresses, Louie awakens Annabelle’s body and her psyche, delivering her to heights of ecstasy and fits of passion.He pushes her beyond her limitations to tap into her deep seductive power—and she discovers that true freedom comes only when you fully surrender to desire.

Funny, sensual, candid, and revealing, Hotelles is a titillating novel of mysteries and surprises by a radiant new voice.

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ElleAbout Elle

Author: Emma Mars

Print Length: 448 pages

Publisher: Harper Perennial (April 7, 2015)

Emma Mars delivers the sexy, enticing sequel to her first novel Hotelles and follows the adventures of a young French woman as she continues her carnal education in a mysterious Parisian hotel.

In a hotel room in Paris, a young woman named Elle experiences the most exquisite freedom and sensual pleasure she has ever known, thanks to Louie, the man who has conquered her completely.

So many things in life have changed since they first met. Her engagement to Louie’s deceptive brother, David, has been broken. Her mother has died. Yet Elle is wholly fulfilled with Louie, the master who heightens her senses and unleashes her deep, seductive power.

In the alluring Hôtel des Charmes, Louie takes Elle beyond her wildest fantasies. Exploring the boudoirs devoted to other courtesans—Mademoiselle Josephine, Deschamps, Kitty Fisher, Cora Pearl, and Valtesse de La Bigne—Elle willingly opens herself further. In sublime self-abandonment she discovers absolute ecstasy, absolute sweetness, absolute desire.

Then David unexpectedly returns, stirring up painful memories and threatening their bliss. Elle fears her education may soon be over. . . .

She does not understand that it has only just begun.

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My Rating:

4.5 hearts


Favorite Quotes:


“Family.  Engagement.  Marriage?  My mind went blank.  I could only think in keywords, and they were doing some kind of bumper car version of ballet in my head.”

“I was as devastated as a defeated boxer.  But I didn’t wait around for the bell or the next round.”

“He is open like the blank pages of a new notebook that we will write together.”


“I was perhaps new to the game, but I wasn’t exactly scribbling with crayons, was I?  Could I be that bad?”

“That was total nonsense, but I loved using popular adages and mixing my metaphors: That’s the pot flying off the handle.  Don’t throw kettles in glass houses.”

“All this information was churning through me like a chemistry experiment gone wrong.”


My Review:

These book were not at all what I was expecting…  Hotelles and Elle have a unique and gripping story that is richly and effusively detailed.  Each room she enters is described from the baseboard to the ceiling, and while that sounds like it would be boring, I can assure you – it is not.  I have a feeling that this author could make a weekly chore list sound enthralling.  I was entranced with the story.  Hotelles was actually more romantic suspense than erotic, although the erotic elements are there, but not as much as you would expect in a story about an escort.  Elle is far more erotic – and at times – a bit cringe-worthy for me.  Both books are elegantly written and full of subterfuge, intrigue, niggling clues, and blind turns.  I was fascinated and couldn’t put them down, and since the combination of books are over 1000 pages long – my addiction to the story caused book hangovers, red eyes, and a few added wrinkles.   After reaching the end of both books, I immediately turned back to the beginning of Hotelles and read the first few pages again, hmm…  Despite my bloodshot eyes, the ending of Elle already has me anxious for book 3.

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About Emma Mars

Emma Mars is the pseudonym of an author who lives in France.


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  1. Reply trish Apr 22,2015 3:22 am

    I know exactly the type of writing (at least for me) you mean when you say that she could make a weekly chore list sound enthralling!

    Thanks for being on the tour!

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