Review: Snake in the Grass by Staci Hart

Snake in the Grass Cover FrontTitle: Snake in the Grass
Series: Good Gods #2
Author: Staci Hart
Genre: Mythology – Contemporary Romance

The truth changes everything.

It’s round two of high stakes Love Connection on Olympus, and this time, everything has changed. 

Ares is on deck, and Aphrodite is nervous, because as much as she loves to hook up with him, she doesn’t trust him as far as she could throw him, which isn’t very far. She never could resist him, not even when every part of her screamed that he was a liar, but after the last game, she’s seeing things in a new light, light that has cast shadows across her entire life.

Ares has a plan to keep Aphrodite, for good this time. He wants to win the game, but he’ll hold back, if that’s what it takes. He’s sitting on a chance that was thousands of years in the making, and he’ll do what he has to do to convince her to stay forever. The only thing that could stop him is the secret that he’s been keeping for eons. If she finds out, it will destroy everything.

Aphrodite picks Kat, a gun toting drag racer, and Ares decides on Dillon, a badass boxer who never loses. Both of their lives revolve around keeping their siblings safe, and they’ve sacrificed everything to make sure things stay that way. They are tough and loyal, fierce and determined, but they become each other’s weakness, even though they fight it, and even though it means danger for Kat and her sister.

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Book Reviews By RatingFavorite Quote:
“Ares smiled at the memory as steam curled up around him. She had always been his siren, the one he couldn’t resist, the one that he would fight through Tartarus to have. He was addicted to her, and she was to him. They were Mars and Venus, man and woman. They were destined to be together, and he would show her. She would not deny him anymore. Not as long as he had breath.

My Review:
Snake in the Grass was intense and explosive. It was like a new kind of drug…as soon as I turned the very first page, I got hooked. The plot was well thought out, the characters were well developed, and the way Hart wrote the story was superb.

Hart let us peak more into the long and complicated history of Dita, Adonis, and Ares. Yes, Dita wanted to get Ares in bed, but nothing more. She didn’t trust him at all. As for Ares, the only thing he wanted was Dita and there was nothing in the world could have stopped him from getting her back…except maybe for that secret he had been keeping for thousands of years.

As for their pawns, Kat and Dillon’s relationship perfectly matched Dita and Ares’ love and hate relationship. Kat was as tough as they get. She was very loyal and family was everything to her, especially her sister, Kiki. I loved her foul mouth and her no-bullshit attitude. Dillon, on the other hand, was a different kind of bad boy. He didn’t drink nor slept with every girl he saw. What made him a bad boy was his dangerous temper that could flare up any time. He didn’t let peoplein and tried not to get close to anybody in fear that he might end up like his father and beat the crap out of the people he loved. But like Kat, Dillon would do anything to protect his brother, Owen.

Hart did a wonderful job sucking you in the story. She made me feel every emotion, every pain, heartbreak, lust, happiness, and bliss. She definitely stepped it up from Deer in Headlights, which is in itself a rare feat. I was left satisfied with the story, but wanting for more at the same time.

If you’re a romance fanatic, whether contemporary, paranormal, and/or mythology, then this book is definitely for you. I highly recommend you give the Good Gods series a try…you won’t regret it.


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