Review: Saving Wishes

Saving Wishes CoverTitle: Saving Wishes
Series: Wishes, #1
Author: G.J. Walker-Smith
Publisher: Self-published (IBPA Member)
Genre: Contemporary Romance

For Charli Blake, being seventeen is a tough gig. 

She’s been branded a troublemaker, her reputation is in tatters and she’s stuck in Pipers Cove, a speck of a town on the coast of Tasmania.

Thankfully, it’s temporary. Her lifelong dream of travelling the world is just months away from becoming reality. All she has to do is ride out the last few months of high school, which is easier said than done thanks to a trio of mean girls known as The Beautifuls. 

When Adam Décarie arrives in town, all the way from New York, life takes an unexpected turn. His arrival sets off a chain of events that alters her life forever, convincing her of one thing. Fate brought him to her.

Saving Wishes is the story of a girl who doesn’t quite fit the life she’s living, and the boy who helps her realise why.


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Book Reviews By RatingMy Review:

Saving Wishes was more than a contemporary romance story. It wasn’t just about the main characters’ relationship, it was also about making tough choices, knowing and discovering yourself, and following your dreams. I also loved how the author painted a picture of the place and surrounding and how detailed yet naturally written the description of the setting was. It did come off as a slow-paced book and it took me a while to get into it.

I liked how the author made Charli so realistic. She was a typical teenager with hopes and dreams of leaving their small town and discovering more of the world and learning about herself. She had plans after graduation to leave the town with her friend. I loved how she fell madly in love with Adam too fast and made her question her plans for her future. It was reckless and somewhat stupid to even think about changing your whole plan for one guy but that’s what I liked about it. It was as realistic as you can get (young teenagers really do fall madly in love too fast and too much that it usually cloud their judgement). I liked how the difference between want and need was questioned. And I loved how Charli was brave and smart enough to make a tough decision in the end. I admire her for that. I also love her passion for photography, it made me look at it in a different way.

“Every picture ever taken is a fraction of a second, frozen in time forever.”

On the other hand, I didn’t like Adam as much. He was just too perfect all the time. It got to a point that it irritated me that he always reacted and said the right things at the right time. He didn’t have any flaws at all and it was very hard for me to connect with his character.

I loved Alex, though. I admire him so much for putting his life on hold to support and take care of his sister. He was an awesome brother to Charli and he’s one of my all-time favorite characters.

“If you’re ever unsure, you can always come home to me. You can revisit a safe place you’ve been to, or you can find your way to Adam.

“You’re not supposed to need him, Charli. You’re supposed to just want him.”

Aside from not liking Adam as much, how it had a slow start, and the occasional awkward moments (especially with Charli), it was an okay story and I enjoyed reading it. It made me reflect on a lot of things especially the choices I made when I was younger. I’m pretty happy with my choices and where I am right now but there were some things that I wish I never gave up for petty little things that I thought was so important. Lesson to be learned from this book: Smarten up and don’t give up your dreams or anything else especially when you’re that young no matter how much you think you’re in love with someone. I recommend this to teenager and young adults and maybe even older adults who want to reflect on the choices they’ve made in the past.


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