Review: ReVamped

ReVamped CoverTitle: ReVamped
Series: Angel Creek, #1
Author: Ada Adams
Publisher: Self-published (CreateSpace)
Genre: Paranormal Romance

A simple mission turned deadly.

Nineteen-year-old vampire Dawn has led a sheltered life within the confines of her father’s presidential headquarters. Upon being sent on a mission to revamp four goofy misfits into guardians of a peaceful little town of Angel Creek, Dawn believes that all her dreams have finally come true. What starts off as a simple task, turns into something unexpected, changing Dawn’s life forever and leading the action-loving, thrill-seeking vampire teen on a path of mystery, danger and intrigue.

When a human girl is kidnapped by a group of rogue vamps, Dawn discovers that there is more going on in Angel Creek than meets the eye. And it all connects to Ethan, the cute newcomer who seems too perfect to be true, Sebastian, the mysterious vampire with a turbulent past, and even Dawn herself. Dawn must not only succeed in revamping the troubled recruits, but must also prevent the vampire race from being overtaken by a malevolent villain who has a strange and obsessive fascination with her. As threat escalates, romance blooms, and ghosts from her past begin to surface, Dawn is sure of only one thing: her life will never be the same.

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Book Reviews By RatingMy Review:

ReVamped was nothing like I expected. It was definitely not your typical vampire story. I loved how Ada stayed away from the norm and changed everything I thought about vampires…and werewolves! In a way, she created her own world of vampires, humans, and werewolves. It got me hooked right from the prologue.

In ReVamped, Ada was able to build this unique world where vampire were out in the open and humans thought of them as celebrities! The world even had products for vampires like Blood Cola, Blood Vodka, and other bloody snacks and food. I also love the part about the werewolves in this story was not even close to the usual wolf-pack-alpha-hot-blooded-hunter werewolves that we all know about. The werewolves here lived a very peaceful life – almost like hippies – away from humans or vampires. It made the story very unique and refreshing.

Dawn was a Born-vampire raised by her father – more of as a trained warrior than as a daughter. She was great in fighting, battle strategies, and training other vamps. She’s also very smart, loyal, strong, and determined. It was so easy to fall in love with this character. She was an awesome friend and she cared a lot about them – vampire or not. I also love the fact that she doesn’t know how to react to boys and how to handle flirting. It’s very rare that this trait in main female characters work for me, but it did in this story.

Which way do you turn your head? What do you do with your lips? Hands? Or – worse – your tongue?
It was just like me to turn the simple, natural act of kissing with someone into an entire battle sequence in my head.

As for love interests, I’m definitely Team Sebastian in this book! Aside from him being all mysterious, gorgeous, hot, and intriguing, he also seemed very experienced, wise, understanding, and emotionally mature. It was probably because he has been a vampire for a long time and has experienced a lot since turning.

“Yes – no. No, nope, not interested. Is that clear enough?” He turned away, waving his hand in my direction as if to let me know that I was dismissed.

I also liked Ethan, but not as much as I liked Sebastian. He was funny, easy-going, and easy to get along with. He seemed like he had a light personality that just makes you want to be around him and be friends with him.

“You’re under my spell!” I blurted out.
He laughed and nodded. “A little bit.”

I also loved the four recruits Dawn was training. Hunter was the alcoholic and drug abuser good-for-nothing vampire that used to be in a band type of guy. Sophie was an old-school librarian vampire who used to be in love with another girl before she was turned. Seth was this geeky and physically weak computer-games-expert vampire who used to be…well, basically the same kid only now he’s a vampire. Then there’s Brooke who was this really girly cheerleader prom-queen-wanna-be vampire that used to be a good girl (as she says) who was deeply in love with her boyfriend before he turned her. Out of the four, Brooke was my favorite. Weird for me to like an annoying too girly and loud vampire, but I do and you’ll understand when you read the book.

Brook shrugged. “Around the country. I’ve been in almost every state, enrolling in one high school after another. But to this day, I’ve never won that stupid prom queen title.”

The characters were all very-well developed and they were all easy to love. ReVamped was a very fun and highly entertaining story, but it wasn’t all just that. ReVamped was definitely more than that. There was family drama (and not just one), light politics, a very convincing romance (definitely not the “I will die for you and I love you more than life itself” a few days after the characters meeting type of romance), interesting action scenes, and a few unexpected twists and turn of events.

In summary, ReVamped was an excellent debut book. I recommend it to paranormal, vampire, action, and fantasy readers out there. ReVamped was a perfect in-between of light and heavy read. It was well balanced with action, drama, romance, and humor!

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