Monday Madness: June 10, 2013

Monday Madness is a weekly meme, hosted by yours truly, wherein Books and Bindings will be posting five random writing prompts. What to do with these, you say? Here are some ideas…

  • Pick one (or two, or three…) from the five random writing prompts that you’d like to do and start writing.
  • Make up a schedule throughout the week doing one prompt from the five given for each day of the week. (Prompt #1 on Monday, Prompt #2 on Tuesday…)
  • Do all five of them in one day (because you’re a writing machine!).


Writing Prompts for the week:

  1. What would happen to the world if all electricity just stopped?
  2. Invent a new word. What does it mean? How would you use it in a sentence?
  3. What would you do if you woke up one morning and everything in your life isn’t what it used to be? You live in a different country, you have a completely different life, no one you know remembers you.
  4. You’ve signed up to go tandem skydiving for the first time. On the plane, your instructor says he isn’t feeling well, but jumps with you anyway. When you jump, he passes out. Write this scene and the stream of conscious thoughts as you fall towards the earth. | Writer’s Digest
  5. Tomorrow morning you can wake up with a superpower of your choice. What is it? | The One Minute Writer


POST the link to your own Monday Madness on the comments below or just post your actual answer if you want.

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