Guest Reviewers WANTED at Books and Bindings!

Volunteers Needed

Guest Reviewers WANTED!

I am looking for two to four awesome individuals who:

  • Can commit to AT LEAST TWO book reviews per month. With all the review requests that have been coming in recently, this is a requirement.
  • Are able to review ebooks in mobi, epub, and/or pdf format. All review copies will be coming from Books and Bindings. I will email you the title, author, and Goodreads link so you can check it out and decide if it is a book you’re interested in reviewing. In rare cases, print ARCs could be sent to you.
  • Can be fun and professional at the same time. I may sound a little too uptight on this blog post and I am sorry about that, I am just trying to get the point across as clear as I can. I really do blog for fun and I hope to share this awesome experience with you.
  • Can provide constructive criticisms, be it positive or negative, on their reviews.

HTML and/or blogging skills are not required as this will mainly be email interactions. I send out the review copy and you send back the review via email. I will have a review signature made for each guest reviewer to be added on the bottom of all reviews you provided like on the bottom of this post. Basically, I only require three things: rating, favorite quote, and the actual review.

If interested, please email with samples of your past reviews or a link where I can find them  just to make sure your work is exactly the kind of work Books and Bindings is looking for. For questions, please post them on the comment section below, but make sure you check if the same question was already posted first.

Be sure to check out the Review Policy and some of Booksand Bindings’ past reviews. Feel free to share this with friends, on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or other social networks.

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