Guest Post: Lillian of Books and Cakes

This is a guest post written by Lillian of Books and Cakes. Lillain is a writer, aspiring to be published some day. Her interest in psychology, philosophy and acts of kindness play a role in her writings. She is still exploring the world of fiction and you would almost always find her reading. She collects quotes and vintage photographs and spends much of her time pondering over life. She watches stand-up comedians and is addicted to alternative music and edgy information sites. You can find out more about her at Books and Cakes.


books-reading-30920305-500-3571Would you rather…?

Go deaf or go blind (if you really have to choose between the two)?

Go deaf. I can live without my hearing,we communicate through messages anyway,but sight is very important for me. Ironic that I wear glasses.

Read an e-book or a solid book?

I can’t choose! A solid book is my preference but e-books are more available and cheap.

Go skydiving or bungee jumping?

Skydiving. Mainly because I’ve seen a live bungee jumping experience that still horrifies me.

Text or call?

Text. I am even more awkward over the phone. What do you say when you want to hang up and don’t want to sound rude?

Go back in time or go way into the future?

Go back in time,either to the Elizabethean period,the Victorian era or 50 century in America(things started to look up then).

Get a dream vacation for two weeks or spend five days with anyone you want in your hometown?

Get a dream vacation for two weeks! My hometown is too familiar for fun.

Be fluent in all languages or a master of every musical instrument?

Fluent in all languages! I have a thing for languages and accents. Also,to travel around the world,I need to have great linguistic skills!

Be underdressed or overdressed?

Overdressed! Either way, people will stare. Best I walk out in style!

Have a rewind button or a pause button in your life?

Pause button. Rewind button will ruin the sequence of memories

See the beach or the mountains from your backyard?

Mountains! I am all for the cold and white!

Go swimming at night or during the day?

Swimming at night! Dangerous and thrilling. Reminds me of murder mysteries!

Have an ordinary home in an extraordinary place or an extraordinary home in an ordinary place?

Ordinary home in an extraordinary place! Preferably a place with rich history and culture.

Find true love or one billion dollars?

True love! No,one billion dollars! I can’t decide! Actually,I want my true love to give me one billion dollars! *wink wink*


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