Guest Post: Farzy of Books Keep Me Sane

This is a guest post written by Farzy of Books Keep Me Sane. Farzy is a book lover and awesome book blogger. You can find her at Books Keep Me Sane.

bkmsbuttonBlogger Interrogation

*cough cough* I mean Blogger Interview.

Tell us something about yourself and you blogging background.


My real name is Farrah but on the internet I prefer to be called Farzy. I am in college and my major is Information Technology. I love books, obviously, and it’s my dream to be a novelist.

I have been blogging for roughly five years across various blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr and Xanga. Right now I am running four blogs, three on Tumblr and one on WordPress. Although I’ve been blogging for quite some time, I’m fairly new to book blogging. I started in May this year and so far, I’m really enjoying blogging about books and interacting with my fellow bookworms.

Do you recall how your interest in blogging started?

I think the very first book blog I visited was Jelly’s at Jelly Loves Books, and I thought why not start a book blog of my own? At first I just wanted to share my thoughts about the book I read, in real life I don’t have that many friends who are as passionate about books as I am.

Tell us something about your reading habits.

I have lots of reading habits, some of them I didn’t realize until I started blogging. One of my reading habits is that, when I am reading in my Kindle, I like to highlight the quotes that I really like but when it comes to physical books, I do not. I don’t like it when the pages of my books are really messy with writings and stuff. Another reading habit of mine is, sometimes I’d go book binging for weeks on end and neglect writing reviews on the books I read until I run out of stuff to post in my blog and reality would hit me in the face that I need to write some reviews. I also do not re-read books. No matter how much I like a book, I do not re-read it. I might read a few chapters here and there or read my favorite quotes in the book but I never re-read the whole book.

What genre do you mostly read?

I mosly read YA Romance or YA Fantasy but lately more and more New Adult books end up in my book shelf.



Aside from reading, writing, and/or blogging, what are you other hobbies?

I like to write stuff and I love to watch anime and movies. There’s nothing much I do during my free time, I usually just stay home and watch TV, surf the net, and read.

What are your thoughts on movie/TV series adaptations? Are there any ones you like/dislike?

Some movie/TV adaptations are great, some others not so much. I won’t name names but I would really hate it when the TV/movie adaptation’s plot is too different from the book. I understand that minor changes are unavoidable but there is a fine line between giving your own interpretation of the book and making a completely different version of your own. But I do appreaciate it when the movie stays as loyal to the book as possible. There is that undeniable thrill when you see a movie that’s exactly how you picture it when you were reading the book.


Would you rather…?

Go deaf or go blind (if you really have to choose between the two)?

Go deaf

Read an e-book or a solid book?

Read solid book

Go skydiving or bungee jumping?

OMG both!

Text or call?


Go back in time or go way into the future?

Go back in time

Get a dream vacation for two weeks or spend five days with anyone you want in your hometown?

Get a dream vacation

Be fluent in all languages or a master of every musical instrument?

Be fluent in all languages

Be underdressed or overdressed?


Go swimming at night or during the day?

At night

Find true love or one billion dollars?

Find true love


I’d like to thank Farxy for taking the time to do a guest post here on Books and Bindings. Make sure you check her out on Twitter, Tumblr, Goodreads, Flavors Me, Blogloving, and Books Keep Me Sane…and don’t forget to follow!

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