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We’re on Day 2 people!!! Farzy from Books Keep Me Sane has been one of my close blogger friends since I started blogging is co-hosting this read-a-thon event with Francine from Always Lost in Books. If you want to join in and participate in the fun, you can click this link. There’s a lot of prizes, awesome challenges, and other fun and exciting stuff you wouldn’t want to miss!

15714722One of today’s author features is Rachel Harris, author of My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century series. Head over to  Books Keep Me Sane to have a quick look at the unedited excerpt of her third book in the series, My Not So Super Sweet Life. Don’t forget about the awesome giveaway!

17393012Always Lost in Books is featuring David Lomax, author of Backward Glass, today. Check out the interview and find out more about him and his book. Also, be sure to enter the giveaway!

Day One Accomplishment


I started and finished Danielle Steel‘s book, First Sight yesterday. Woohoo! I didn’t read the book in one sitting, though. It was one crazy day for me yesterday preparing to paying bills and doing errands so I haven’t even done my review yet. I will, though, and let you guys know when it’s up!


For today’s participation post, I’m supposed to talk about how I’m doing. Today’s the first Monday of the month so it’s a pretty busy day today. I going to pay some bills today, run a few more errands, and read a book for this read-a-thon. Wish me luck!

ddd-dreamy-destinationsI’d love to see the whole world. I am very fascinated by the many different culture we have in the world. I was born and raised in the Philippines and it’s a completely different world from where I live now, Canada. I’ve also been to Thailand and Mexico and saw how different the cultures are, but similar in some ways. I’d like to have a very long roadtrip and go cross-country in Canada and the United States. Then I’d love to go backpacking in Europe and the UK. I’d also love to explore Australia, Africa, South America, and more of Asia. Maybe even go to Antarctica?

I’d love, love, love to travel around the world and check out all the awesome places and different rich cultures. It doesn’t have to be a fancy vacation or anything expensive like that – hotels and everything – when I’d mostly be roaming around towns and cities observing people and learning anyway.


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  1. Reply Francine Soleil Dec 5,2013 12:42 am

    Yay on finishing a book~

    I definitely want to see the world too.

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