Character Bio: Into the Fire

Mieshka “Meese” Renaud

16 years old
5’9″, skinny, shoulder length red hair (that natural, orange-flavoured colour), brown eyes, and a predilection toward jeans and hoodies.

Born in a smaller town on the country’s east coast, she and her family moved to Terremain, now the main base and front line, when the war became more than just a political skirmish. Her mother served in the military until her death on the front lines six months ago. Two months ago, Mieshka and her father moved to Lyarne, the capitol, to get away from the war.

Mieshka is in grade 11, her second-to-last year of high school. She’s finding it hard to cope with her grief, which often surfaces as panic attacks at any mention or reminder of the war.

She used to like action movies, but now finds flying bullets a little too close to home for her. Kung fu movies are better for her now. She can’t connect to Lyarnese comedy due to their mildly insensitive war jokes.

Before her mom died, Mieshka was on her high school track team. She hasn’t even looked at the track since moving to Lyarne.


Joanne “Jo” Henreid

26 years old
5’7”, of African descent.

Born in Mersetzdeitz, Jo moved to Terremain with her family as part of the International Volunteer Corps. After serving close to the front lines for a few years, Jo met Buck when she was selected to accompany Terremain’s expeditionary forces on high-impact missions. As time went on, they found themselves losing faith in the war effort. Too many higher-up blunders and little morality pushed them both to resign. They ended up in Lyarne, where Aiden picked them up as mercenaries.

She spends her time shooting guns, cleaning guns, buying guns, loading guns, and dreaming of guns. In her off time, she picks fights with Roger.



43 (approximate. The length of orbit of his home world was slightly shorter than that of Mieshka’s)
5’8”, Caucasian, redhead, blue eyes.

Born in Lur, an Earth-like planet in another dimension, Aiden escaped his planet’s apocalypse by rocketing his ship through dimensional barriers–much like everyone else was doing–and ended up in Mieshka’s world. He and his comrades crash-landed into Mieshka’s world 17 years ago, bringing their Elemental-based magic with them. It gave them some pushing power when it came to dealing with the domestic governments–after all, Mieshka’s world didn’t have magic until the Mages showed up.

He is a Fire Mage–Lyarne’s only Fire Mage–and spends his days tinkering with Lyarne’s magic-powered shield, looking for stray elementals, and watching cat videos on the internet when his sleep deprivation goes too far.

He doesn’t get out much, and he hasn’t had a girlfriend in forever. For now, with the war on, he’s married to his work.

Occasionally, he will wander into the Underground and light things on fire.


Robin Smith

16 years old
5’7”, Caucasian. Below shoulder-length black hair, blue eyes.

Robin is Mieshka’s classmate and best friend. She has trouble connecting to her parents, and has set into an ignore-everything kind of defense. Both she and Mieshka sat next to each other in their first class of Biology and, since they’re both black sheep in the high school herd of cliques, they fell in step together. Their friendship began by each having little in common with other classmates.

It has yet to be tested.


Roger Wang

27 years old
5’7”, of Chinese descent (2nd generation).

Right-hand man to Sophia, the Water Mage, Roger is a Water Elemental who acquired his powers after the Mages crash-landed on his world. The discovery drove him away from the military and into the underground societies, where he met Sophia and was taught how to use his new powers.

He acts as the main enforcer for the Underground, has a tendency for appearing out of the shadows, and hides a band of knives up his sleeve.

Although generally amiable in a mob-boss kind of way, Roger is not one to be trifled with. He tends to know anything that happens in the Underground, and is not gentle in his justice.

The water bottle he always carries is filled with a mix of water and acid. He’s that kind of guy.


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Into the Fire CoverTitle: Into the Fire
Series: The Mieshka Files, #1
Author: K. Gorman
Genre: Paranormal – Dystopia

“I’ve got magic?”
“I’m afraid so.”

Secure under its Mage-powered shield, Lyarne ignores the war that has taken the rest of the country.

Inside its borders, refugees are first pitied, then assimilated.

Mieshka knows this well. Coping with the loss of her mother and the grief of her father, she keeps her head down at school and maintains a neutral stance with her new Lyarnese friend.

Things change when she meets the Fire Mage. There’s a lot more to this city—and herself—than she could imagine.

And Lyarne’s shield is not as impenetrable as the city would believe…


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