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The Billionaire’s Forbidden Desire

by Nadia Lee

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Billionaire Dane Pryce has spent the last three years keeping a promise to his dying grandmother–to take care of the family. However, the reappearance of an unforgettable blonde from three years ago changes everything…especially since his father wants to marry her.

Former skating star Sophia Reed is broke and running out of options fast. While seeking help from a distant relative, she runs smack into the one-night stand she had three years ago. She never forgot the magnetic, magical Dane, but their reunion is nothing like she imagined. Dane is now cold and unapproachable, and he’s determined to get rid of her.

When the Pryce family’s ugly secret explodes, it shatters their world. If Dane and Sophia can’t overcome their past pain, they may never have a future…

length: 440 pages




My Rating:

4 hearts


Favorite Quotes:


“Hunger was a nasty companion, always gnawing at your gut.  She knew because she’d been hungry for years in order to keep her weight down.”


“Kindness can be kindness, or it can be a weapon.  And when it’s a weapon, it can be deadlier than a gun.  Don’t take anything at face value.”


“And she had to admit she was curious about his home.  Was it as dignified as the family mansion, or was it more contemporary and chic?  Maybe it was like an igloo, since he wanted people to think he was cold and unfeeling.”


“For the longest time I thought I had all the pieces, even though I always felt like something was missing.  Then I saw you and I knew you were the final and most vital piece.  You made me believe I can be more than I thought I could ever be.”


“‘Penny pinching.’  He shook his head.  ‘It’s cruelty to copper, you know.’”


My Review:


Oh to be loved and adored by a billionaire, Nadia Lee makes it seem almost possible, but she also makes it seem like an awful lot of trouble – while still entertaining to read about.  And that takes a particular skill as I don’t envy many of these rich people.

I started this book with considerable trepidation as the character of Dane had been beyond loathsome in previous books in the series, and he continued to be more of the same throughout a considerable portion of this one as well.  I slowly warmed up to him after learning his take on things, although I still occasionally wanted to give him a few pops to the back of the head with my kindle.  He was such an uptight and bitter character, it seemed to be rubbing off as I noticed tension invading my own body as I read his thoughts.  But poor naïve Sophia, Ms. Lee tortured her with the worst kind of luck, chapter after chapter.  The poor thing must have been fashioned after someone who Ms. Lee held a grudge against as she seemed cursed then blessed then cursed, and so on again and again… which would actually be a rather fulfilling and innocent method of retribution now that I think about it.

While you don’t need to have read the previous books in the series to follow the story line, it would be much more rewarding and entertaining to have done so.  Dane’s story had a melancholy air to it, which was not surprising to me, but it also occasionally squeezed my heart and was deliciously steamy at times, which certainly helps to soothe over the aforementioned tension and angst.

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