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Winning the Game

by Leesa Bow 





Troubled Aussie football star, Rhett Williams’ infamous off-field misdemeanors land him in front of his club’s board with an ultimatum: clean up his bad-boy image or lose his contract.
There’s one catch: appear on a reality show to reinvent himself.
Football is Rhett’s lifeblood, but his family and the orchard farm in the country where he grew up means more, especially as his family relies on his wage to keep the business afloat. So Rhett puts his opinion of reality shows aside to concentrate on doing whatever it takes to be re-signed.
Career-focused TV mentor, Tori Winchester doesn’t have time for men, or a social life, which suits her fine. When Rhett Williams arrives on set with his blond beach hair and his mesmerizing blue eyes, her resolve begins to crumble. He’s not the spoiled bad boy casting had told her to expect.
Getting involved with someone like Rhett could not only damage her long-term career prospects, they could both lose everything.
In a game of cat and mouse, Rhett is playing the one game he doesn’t want to win… 


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Favorite Quotes:


I haven’t had a boyfriend in years either. So long that all my orifices have been reinstated to virginal status.


Some mistakes can be prevented… Others are meant to happen.


My Review:


Winning the Game had an interesting premise, amusing and entertaining storylines, and a few interesting and endearing characters, although the vast majority of the cast were dishearteningly shallow, manipulative, and self-serving. I grew increasingly annoyed and disappointed with the main character of Tori as her seesawing, waffling, and deceit became increasingly tiresome and tedious. Rhett was a highly likable and cleverly amusing bad boy who had been forced into participating in a “scripted drama” reality program under duress to save his sports career.  I felt considerable empathy for him as he had been blackmailed into cooperating with ambitious network vipers and had been exploited by everyone by the end of the story. Among the angst and backstabbing and between the Tori’s flip-flopping, a covert yet sweet and steamy romance was blooming. Of course, those were my favorite chapters.

 About the Author

Leesa Bow is a best selling author who began her writing journey years ago when her daughter fell ill. Falling into writing for therapy Leesa now can’t imagine doing anything else. Thankful to be following her passion for romance, she is living out her own happy ever after with her husband in Brisbane, Australia.

In her spare time, Leesa enjoys watching sport, having beach days with the family, catching up for coffee with girlfriends, and taking long walks.Leesa is a member of Romance Writer’s of Australia (RWA).

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8 thoughts on “Book Review: Winning the Game by Leesa Bow

  1. Reply nandinikamatkunde Nov 16,2017 4:02 am

    I love how you have given your review ! Very clear and meaningful

  2. Reply terriluvsbooks Nov 16,2017 5:15 am

    After reading so many of your reviews, I have given you this voice of what I think you sound like. It’s not a bad voice or anything, it’s just a DeeJay voice. Sometimes I’ve actually talked to that voice, if I see something I think you might like. Ha- I’m crazy, I know.

  3. Reply Megan @ Ginger Mom Nov 16,2017 7:42 am

    Great review! The cover is definitely an intriguing one. I love that you add quotes into your review 🙂 Gives me a taste of what the book is really like (synopsis doesn’t always do that).

  4. Reply theabominablebookgirl Nov 16,2017 8:48 am

    I am honestly in shock. This is the first time I have read one of your review where you aren’t raving about the book. This worries me.

    • Reply Empress DJ Nov 16,2017 11:19 am

      LOL – I think I have just been lucky lately and have improved on picking and choosing which books to read.

  5. Reply hoarderofbookboyfriends Nov 16,2017 9:20 am

    I can understand your frustration with the waffling. Sometimes that can be very frustrating in characters. I loved your review!

  6. Reply stacey37 Nov 16,2017 10:09 pm

    I hate it when a book is let down by one of the main characters. Great review.

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