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Wicked Summer

A Cape Harriet Novel

by Roma Brooks 





Wicked Summer follows the Bloom family as they spend a once in a lifetime vacation at Cape Harriet, a charming seaside town on Virginia’s scenic Eastern Shore.

All Mary Bloom ever wanted was to celebrate her 60th birthday at the beach. The extended Bloom family converges at the Rising Tides Inn, where their slightest whim is catered to.

Forty-something Iris is the perfect suburban mom, holding her four kids and husband on a tight leash. 36-year-old Hyacinth is single, successful and the self-proclaimed brains of the family. At 26, Poppy is a top travel blogger, wandering across countries most people only dream of visiting.

The rivalry among the sisters is as strong as ever, and each sister is dealing with it in her own way. So while Iris taunts and needles, Hyacinth takes the high road and shows disdain. Poppy suffers silently, lost in her own inner turmoil. None of them has an inkling of the storm that is about to break loose in their lives.

Soft shell crabs and salt marshes will be forgotten as shocking secrets are revealed. Everyone seems to be guilty of hiding something.

Set in idyllic Cape Harriet, Wicked Summer takes the reader on a thrilling roller coaster ride with plenty of laughs, tears, and intrigue with heartwarming moments, scrumptious food and never a dull moment.


My Rating:


Favorite Quotes:


She had recently entered her know-it-all phase and was quick to correct everyone around her at the slightest opportunity.


Hyacinth realized her awkward position for the first time. She was lying on the ground, sprawled across the steps, on her stomach… She tried to move and felt a draft. A little belatedly, she realized she was wearing a skirt, one that had ridden up her thighs. She cursed herself as she tried to remember when she had shaved her legs.



My Review:


Cape Harriet sounds like the ideal vacation spot with The Rising Tides Inn being the perfect place to stay with exceptional hosts putting their life force into providing a relaxing and fun stay. I felt like packing a bag as well as every serving of food sounded like a feast, I may have gained weight while reading about their delicious meals as the lovely descriptions fueled my appetite. However, the idyllic pleasantry skidded a bit once all the Bloom sisters were in residence, as the two eldest appeared to have brought their worst snark and long-standing petty resentments with them. The adult sisters bickered and spitefully bit at each other worse than spoiled children. Nothing and no one can set off a petty mean girl more than one’s own family irritations, frictions, competitiveness, and deeply repressed animosity and discontent. Iris was nasty to the bone, a cold and prickly diva with years of perfecting her craft of snide insults. I felt so sorry and annoyed for her sisters.

The Bloom family had largely taken over the small resort for a week of celebration in honor of Mrs. Bloom’s sixtieth birthday.   But there were so much more going on with each of them than any one of them could have ever suspected. Each adult family member was harboring a burdensome secret, nothing small for this clan… only big, life altering, deeply kept and closely hold whoppers.   The storyline was highly entertaining throughout with many unexpected plot twists and heart squeezing surprises.

Roma Brooks writes stories featuring real-life characters, the kind you would come across in your own family. Her books will make you laugh, cry, love, hate and bite your nails. She dreams of retiring to a seaside town like Cape Harriet where the gentle waves of the ocean lull you into sweet dreams.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Wicked Summer by Roma Brooks

  1. Reply Angel Leafr M Tayup Dec 23,2016 1:36 pm

    Holidays and family problems … interesting. Good review

  2. Reply RB Dec 28,2016 8:04 pm

    Thanks much for your kind words, DJ!! One of my personal favorites 🙂

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