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by Andie M. Long



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 The book that will make you look closely at those around you – including yourself.


It’s a standard grown-up situation. Lauren has a family, work, a great friend and… she’s bored.

Then, Bettina, her old school frenemy returns to Sheffield. She says she’s back escaping a violent husband, but best friend Monique doesn’t buy it and warns Lauren to be careful. As Lauren’s husband Niall seems to get ever more distant, her son’s new teacher, the outwardly nerdy looking Seb proves to be a hidden attraction.

Secret notes are posted, her business ruined. Slowly a vendetta threatens everything Lauren has taken for granted. It’s a race against time to discover who she can trust when her enemy threatens the life of the person Lauren loves the most. But is Bettina the enemy? How much does anyone ever really know about those around them, what’s underneath?


My Rating:


Favorite Quotes:


I retreat to Facebook, but there’s limited solace found in what people I’ve never met have eaten that evening.


On go a pair of hold ups with a lacy trim and some black stilettos with a pink sole, ‘Car to Bar’ shoes that I’ve never actually worn because I can hardly balance in them. I bought them because they were pretty and on sale. Looking at them makes me happy. Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve been known to stroke my shoes.


She says I attract chaos like Uri Gellar bends spoons, it’s a phenomenon.


Is that a small carrier bag, or the Tardis? … It’s like that bag Hermione had in Harry Potter, where she could reach in it over and over and get out whatever they needed.


I push back the duvet revealing the black DKNY top and J. Crew trousers, chosen so I look hot if arrested. I imagined Monique’s voice should I face the police dressed in Value jeans and so assembled an ‘attractive assassin’ combo.



My Review:


I adore Andie M. Long’s wry and wily sense of humor. When I started in on her ingeniously plotted Underneath, I thought I was reading a romantic comedy, until the plot thickened and several cunningly twisted yet still comically clever threads emerged and began to weave into an intriguing and slyly crafted mystery. The writing was fun, lively, relevant, engrossing, unpredictable, and highly amusing with oddly endearing characters, and an active and eventful storyline. I was thoroughly engaged and hopelessly addicted from page one. I am currently struggling with a strong yen to stop time and read every story this talented scribe has ever written while falling at her feet in total fangirl idolization. However, I guess I must appease my longings by zealously following her publications and extolling her deft word-craft and wickedly amusing and quirky genius to anyone who will listen.



About the Author

Author of The Alpha Series: The Alphabet Game, The Calendar Game and The Alphabet Wedding; The BALLS series, plus Underneath and Quickies. She writes books in different genres so be sure to check them out!

Andie is a mum of one from Sheffield, UK, who desperately tries to juggle the day job, motherhood, writing, gardening and her other obsessions. She has a long-suffering partner.

When not writing she can usually be found time wasting on social media. If you ever see her doing housework, step away. It means she’s stressed!




5 thoughts on “Book Review: Underneath by Andie M. Long

  1. Reply midnightbookobsessions Jan 7,2017 12:45 pm

    Wow. With a review like that, how could I not pick this book up. You are seriously bad for my TBR.

  2. Reply Cheryl freeman Jan 7,2017 1:04 pm

    Sounds great, will add to my tbr list

  3. Reply Angel Leafr M Tayup Jan 7,2017 2:09 pm

    Added to my to-do list. Excellent review.

  4. Reply Sara Koelsch Jan 7,2017 4:45 pm

    Well you have totally intrigued me! I’m going to have to check this author/book out!

  5. Reply Bewitched Reader Jan 8,2017 3:05 pm

    I love that cover! And this sounds right up my alley.

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