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Undercover Lovers by Julia Derek

Genre: Romantic Suspense




Annika’s real name is Gabi and she isn’t really a trainer from Sweden but a rookie cop from L.A. She’s working at a Manhattan health club to help the feds nail a covert drug lord. In order to do so, she must infiltrate his world by becoming his trainer.

Getting on the fast track to become an LAPD detective isn’t the only reason Gabi took this dangerous undercover assignment. She also views it as the ideal opportunity to get over her cheating ex-fiancé.

In the hope of acquiring information that might help her mission, Gabi befriends one of the drug lord’s soldiers, the devastatingly handsome Paul, only to realize she has yet again fallen for the wrong man. And this time around, it’s one who’s not only a criminal, but who must do whatever it takes to protect his boss—including killing Gabi, if he finds out what she’s really up to.

My Rating:

4 hearts


Favorite Quote:

“…I almost bumped into another of the club’s freaks, this one a Columbian woman, who may once have been a man.  She had huge silicon boobs with big nipples so firm they stood straight out like two deadly weapons.  She was famous throughout the club for her loud, suggestive groans each time she lifted a weight, as well as for her militant, aggressive behavior which made me stay as far away from her as possible.  There was just something crazy in her eyes that made me think she might pull a jackknife from between her boobs and try slitting my throat if I interfered with her workouts in any way.”


My Review:

This story is primarily romantic suspense, but could also be pegged as new adult.  I am new to the L.A. Girls series and appreciated that this story could stand alone and I wasn’t starting off feeling lost or confused.  The ending also gives us a glimpse of what is to come and sets up the next installment of the story.  There are a few steamy scenes and some humorous observations thrown in.  I enjoyed the change of pace and it made me stop and think about what club trainers think of us as we sweat, grunt, and groan, and whine during our work-outs.  I think I will be much more self-conscious of what I wear and the noises I make.  😉


About This Author

julia derek
 Julia Derek is originally from Sweden and is a trainer by day and writer by night. She’s the author of the L.A. Girls Romance Series, four steamy standalone books. LOVE CURSED, TRIGGER, and UNDERCOVER LOVERS are currently available. The books can be read in any order, but Julia recommends that you start with LOVE CURSED:)

She’s also the author of the YA thriller THE SMILEY KILLER.


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