Book Review: Two To Wrangle (Hotel Rodeo #2) by Victoria Vane

Two to Wrangle

Two To Wrangle

Hotel Rodeo #2

by Victoria Vane






Maybe having a hot and heavy affair with the boss’s daughter wasn’t the smartest move. But country boy Ty Morgan didn’t regret a moment with city girl Monica Brandt…until she left Las Vegas to return to her life in New York.  When devastating news sends her running back, Ty can’t help but open his arms.  His heart, however, is another matter.


Now that Ty has what he’s always wanted—controlling interest in Hotel Rodeo—Monica is certain their time together is at an end.  Then Ty asks her to come on board as a partner.  Maybe it’s just her money he needs, but the chance to stick close to the sexy wrangler sure could make work a whole lot more interesting.


Their partnership doesn’t come without a heap of problems. The two can’t agree on anything—except their iron-hot attraction.  As the hotel’s Grand Opening approaches, the truth is all too clear: Ty and Monica must find a way to mix business with pleasure if they have any shot at dancing off into the sunset together…

Praise for Victoria Vane

“Erotic and sexy.” —Library Journal on the Devil DeVere series

“For erotic passion and one-liners, the first book in Vane’s new series will satisfy…Vane’s latest gets a big yee-haw.”—RT Book Reviews on Slow Hand


My Rating:

4 hearts


Favorite Quotes:


“I was the kind of stillness borne of a calm heart and a peaceful mind.”


“We’ve been playing with gun powder from the get-go.  But there’s something you need to understand about gunpowder, Monica.  Although it’s highly combustible, it’s also what makes fireworks.  So only two things can happen here – we’re either gonna blow like a stick of dynamite or we’re gonna make some major @#ing pyrotechnics.  Don’t know ‘bout you, but I’m banking on the fireworks.”


My Review:


I am warming up to Monica since book 1, but I am still suffering whiplash with her back and forth.  This installment was busy and erotically steamy with the romance finally blooming, communication improving, tragedy striking, heads turning, surprises popping, and sparks flying.

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Victoria Vane
Victoria Vane is a #1 best selling author of smart and sexy contemporary Western romance and an award-winning author of erotic historical romance. Her books have received more than twenty awards and nomination
s to include the 2014 RONE Award for Treacherous Temptations and Library Journal Best E-Book romance of 2012 for The Devil DeVere series. Look for her scorching hot Hotel Rodeo series coming from Kensington/Lyrical Shine early 2016.

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