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Tough Justice Countdown

(Part 1 of 8)

by Carla Cassidy



Print Length: 85 pages

Publisher: Harlequin Special Releases (February 1, 2017)

We are so excited to introduce the new serial suspense series

This action-packed thriller unfolds in eight gripping installments, each written by top authors including Carla Cassidy, Tyler Anne Snell, Emmy Curtis and Janie Crouch.


Tick. Tock. BOOM.

FBI Special Agent Lara Grant had thought that she’d put her past behind her—finally—with her last case. But now a serial bomber is targeting Manhattan’s elite power players, offering them a choice between saving hundreds of lives or seeing their darkest secrets exposed. Lara is working with the Crisis Management Unit to stop the bomber, but how will she react when she’s the one who has to choose between truth…or death?

Part 1 of 8: an explosive new installment in the thrilling FBI serial from New York Times bestselling author Carla Cassidy and Tyler Anne Snell, Emmy Curtis and Janie Crouch.


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Favorite Quotes:


If Lara managed to get mascara and her boots on before she got out of her front door, she considered it a good day. Her favorite meal was junk food and she’d never met a vegetable she hadn’t declined.


If Maddy wanted me to wear a pink apron with cotton candy in the pockets, I’d do it… Wait until you have kids James, then you’ll understand.



My Review:


Tension, drama, secrets, fatigue, frustration and traces of lust define this open installment of an intriguing Criminal Minds type FBI/police procedural. I did not realize this was the second season of the series but a considerable amount of backstory was provided for the rather large cast of characters. The main protagonists were former lovers, which is where the lingering chemistry and lust factors in. The tension, fatigue, and frustration are centered on their current major case involving two separate yet similar bombings, which has gripped the city of New York and has several government agencies bumping into each other and competing for authority and credit. Which leaves us with the secrets, and Lara has more than her share, in addition to working long and draining days on the bombing case, she is haunted and consumed with the cold case of her mother’s murder, a case she has been told to drop by all authorities. But obsessions don’t usually care what bosses say… Between the cryptic beginning and the heinous cliffhanger – damn, I appear to be hooked! Good thing I have all eight installments already on my kindle.


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  1. Reply Heather J. @ TLC Feb 17,2017 10:37 am

    I can see why this one would hook you – what a start! I hope you enjoy the rest of the series.

    Thanks for being a part of the tour!

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