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The Nameless

by Barbara Cutrera






The past, present, and future collide when Anya, Etherea’s last Oracle, is kidnapped by a stranger called Nameless. She soon discovers that her captor has plans to use her in order to seek revenge against Emil, the sociopath who stole his innocence and memories and turned him into a vicious fighter and ruthless killer. When he realizes that Anya’s power holds the key to his past, Nameless decides to modify his plot and keep her for himself.

Impulsive and stubborn, Anya, daughter of Tabitha and Alexi, rapidly uncovers pieces of her captor’s past, including his name: Xander. As she glimpses his history, she quickly loses her fear of Xander, finding goodness within him when he becomes her selfless, fierce protector. “Every heart can be reached,” her mother once told her, adding, “Where there is love, there’s hope.” But will Xander’s refusal to accept his own worth prove Anya’s mother wrong?

Pursued by Emil and his henchmen, the couple discover their passion and love as they uncover more secrets about Xander’s early life and try to accept Anya’s startling last prophecy. Even as they flee from one country to the next, both are determined to stop Emil before the promise of what is meant to be can be crushed by the events of the past. If Anya’s final vision doesn’t come to pass, then Etherea’s future itself is in jeopardy.


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Life is equitable in that we each have our share of inequities.


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The Nameless was my favorite installment of The Gift Series, although there is obviously room for more and a chance for a new favorite to come. I immediately fell into the story and felt the urgency, tension, and confusion of the character of Anya as the tale begins with her kidnapping in the midst of a siege and explosion. Her kidnapper has big plans to use her as an instrument in his plot of revenge, although he is forced to toss all his carefully made plans, one-by-one, as he falls for his captive. I rarely read this genre but I have enjoyed this series immensely. The storylines have been highly active and eventual as well as engaging, imaginative, colorfully descriptive, emotive, and incredibly steamy. The premise of The Nameless was creative and unique and I was intrigued by the alluring characters while also horrified by the atrocities the character of Xander had endured. The world created for the story was an odd conglomeration of the middle ages with horse-drawn wagons and magic in use in the rural countryside, in high contrast to the beginnings of the industrial revolution with mass transit, cars, telephones, and electricity in the nearby cities. Such is the beauty of the fantasy genre, which is only limited by the author’s imagination, and Ms. Cutrera’s appears abundant and enviably nimble.





Barbara Cutrera is the author of contemporary romance, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, fiction, and mystery novels. She became addicted to reading and creative writing at an early age but didn’t decide to write her first novel until she was in her 30s. Even then, she was unaware that she was destined for a writing career. Barbara, who is visually impaired, was a rehabilitation counselor before she became a full-time author. She believes our minds are only limited by the restrictions we place upon them. Her greatest passions are for writing, reading, spending time with family and friends, listening to music, cooking, and drinking Dr. Pepper. Originally from Louisiana, Barbara, her husband, and their son moved to southwest Florida in 2004 and love the diversity of their coastal community.

To learn more about Barbara and her works, read her blog, and enjoy extra content, go to There, take advantage of the opportunity to subscribe to her monthly newsletter in order to receive updates, participate in giveaways, and read extra content not readily available to nonsubscribers.

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10 thoughts on “Book Review: The Nameless by Barbara Cutrera

  1. Reply theabominablebookgirl Sep 12,2017 4:42 am

    When I saw the cover, I was like “It’s a no from me.” Then I read the synopsis and was like “WHHAAATT?!!? They named the kidnappers Nameless?!?” Now i want to read it. After reading your review and seeing the word steamy, my inner perv just has to have this book I know you said you fell right into the book, but are there any points of lagging in it?

    • Reply Empress DJ Sep 12,2017 6:48 am

      I rarely read fantasy so it all seemed creative to me, I enjoyed the series but this one was the steamiest of them all. The kidnapped child was called Nameless as they stripped him of his identity.

  2. Reply Tangled in Text (@TangledinText) Sep 12,2017 4:46 am

    Great review! This seems like a good book with a mixture of confusion, tension, and steamy tidbits.

  3. Reply terriluvsbooks Sep 12,2017 7:01 am

    I agree that the cover doesn’t really fit the story. It sounds great though and something I would like.
    “Life is equitable in that we each have our share of inequities.”
    This is a good quote.

  4. Reply Gemma Jackson Sep 12,2017 7:17 am

    The synopsis of this one sounds very interesting. I do love fantasy read but I agree with everyone else, the cover isn’t that appealing. Thanks for the review.
    Gemma @

  5. Reply J. Hooligan @Platypire Reviews Sep 12,2017 7:46 am

    This does sound like something I’d be interested in reading… but that cover… but you gave it 5 stars!

    I’m having a toss up on my opinions right now.

  6. Reply Katie @ Book Ink Reviews Sep 12,2017 9:57 am

    I love all kinds of fantasy and it sounds like I have really missed out by not reading this series! Thanks for the review–off to grab all of these, now.

  7. Reply calico041 Sep 12,2017 10:03 am

    Holy moly the girl on that cover is gorgeous! And this book sounds so fascinating!

  8. Reply Bewitched Reader Sep 12,2017 11:57 am

    I wouldn’t expect this to be a fantasy read based off of the cover, but your review and the blurb have me interested.

  9. Reply Caroline Sep 13,2017 9:12 am

    The blurb and cover do NOTHING for me. I liked your review though. Ultimately, I’ll probably pass on this series though. 🙂

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