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The Missing

by C. L. Taylor




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 Paperback: 496 pages
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks (November 7, 2017)


The Missing has a delicious sense of foreboding from the first page, luring us into the heart of a family with terrible secrets and making us wait, with pounding hearts for the final, agonizing twist. Loved it.”—Fiona Barton, author of The Widow

A harrowing psychological thriller about a missing teenage boy whose mother must expose the secrets within their own family if she wants to find her son—perfect for fans of Reconstructing Amelia.

You love your family. They make you feel safe. You trust them. Or do you…?

When fifteen-year-old Billy Wilkinson goes missing in the middle of the night, his mother, Claire Wilkinson, blames herself. She’s not the only one. There isn’t a single member of Billy’s family that doesn’t feel guilty. But the Wilkinsons are so used to keeping secrets from one another that it isn’t until six months later, after an appeal for information goes horribly wrong, that the truth begins to surface.

Claire is sure of two things—that Billy is still alive and that her friends and family had nothing to do with his disappearance.

A mother’s instinct is never wrong. Or is it…?

Combining an unreliable narrator and fast-paced storytelling, The Missing is a chilling novel of psychological suspense that will thoroughly captivate and obsess readers.


My Rating:


Favorite Quotes:


It’s a PR trick to gain public sympathy. I read about it in a book I got out of the library, the one by the PR guru who was arrested for sex offences. Dirty bastard but he knew his stuff.


We all have secrets. Most are guilty, a few are wretched and some are too precious to share.


My Review:


The Missing was a riveting and enthralling read. I could not put my kindle down and while I wanted to savor every perfectly chosen word, I also could not read fast enough. This book was ingeniously crafted, maddeningly paced, dripping with intrigue, smartly written, and laced with compelling twists and turns. I was taut with tension, my heart was frequently in my throat, everyone was suspect, and I went back and forth in wondering whether to pity or revile this oddly fractured and barely functional family. I want to read every word this skilled wordsmith has ever written and will ever put to paper. C.L. Taylor is diabolically talented and an evil genius.  I was provided with a review copy of this gripping book by HarperCollins and TLC Book Tours.


About C. L. Taylor

C. L. Taylor is a Sunday Times bestselling author. Her books have sold more than a million copies and have been translated into twenty-one languages. She lives in Bristol, England, with her partner and son.

Find out more about C. L. at her website, and connect with her on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


8 thoughts on “Book Review: The Missing by  C. L. Taylor

  1. Reply terriluvsbooks Nov 20,2017 8:52 am

    A diabolic genius?! Sounds like my kind of guy.

  2. Reply Heidi Nov 20,2017 3:47 pm

    Sounds like a great read for a evening in. 🙂

  3. Reply Megan @ Ginger Mom Nov 20,2017 5:09 pm

    I really like this cover. And as always, I love your review!

  4. Reply Gayathri Lakshminarayanan Nov 20,2017 10:36 pm

    Unreliable narrators are my favorite kind. I love your review and might look out for this book.

  5. Reply stacey37 Nov 21,2017 12:56 am

    Great review of what looks like a fab book. Love that cover too.

  6. Reply Heather J. @ TLC Nov 26,2017 9:58 am

    This books sounds like an incredible thrill ride! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!
    Thanks for being a part of the tour.

  7. Reply trish Nov 29,2017 11:13 am

    I love authors who can make me love and hate and love and hate a character (a la Jaime Lannister). IMO, that’s the best kind of writing!

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