Book Review: The Billionaire’s Holiday Obsession by Nadia Lee

billionaires holiday obsession

The Billionaire’s Holiday Obsession

(The Pryce Family #2)

by Nadia Lee



Deep in debt and stalked by a deadly con man, Jane Connolly needs a job and a safe place to stay. With no one to turn to in an unfamiliar city, she can’t refuse the kindness of a magnetic stranger.

A former mixed martial arts fighter, billionaire Iain Pryce couldn’t walk away from a small town girl in a big city, especially when it’s obvious she’s in trouble. But her sweet spirit threatens the single principle he’s been living under for the past thirteen years: don’t lose control…


My Rating:


4.5 hearts


Favorite Quotes:

 “There is more to life than just reality and facts.  We have our hopes and dreams.”

“Mark had toiled for days to master a bit of French cooking to impress Hilary.  For his efforts he’d received several burns on his hands and forearms – plus a few nasty cuts – and had ended up making something that, according to Andre’, was fit only to feed pigs one was especially displeased with.”

“Maybe leaving after sex was par for the course in his social circle.  For all she knew, his parents had separate bedrooms and Salazar impregnated Ceinlys by courier.”

“Yo mama so nasty, she pours salt water down her pants to keep her crabs fresh.”


My Review:

I adore Nadia Lee’s stories and want to live in her books.  I know it is pure fantasy as no billionaire is going to suddenly make eye contact with me, feel an instant fascination, and take me shopping for a new wardrobe or fly me off in their private jet.  But wouldn’t it be nice?  Ms. Lee’s descriptive writing and story-telling flows so fluidly, I am easily lost in her tale for the rest of the day.  Her stories have a dash of humor, a bit of suspense, a pound of heartbreak, a few plumes of steam, and always a hard-earned HEA.  I enjoy following these complicated characters from book to book, but am ever so grateful that each volume can stand alone and focuses on a different family member or friend.   Some characters are a bit more difficult to like, but she always seems to bring me around at the end.  I am already looking forward to the next one.

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nadia lee
Nadia Lee

Bilingual former management consultant Nadia Lee has lived in four different countries and enjoyed many adventures and excellent food around the globe. In the last eight years, she has kissed stingrays, got bitten by a shark, ridden an elephant and petted tigers.

She shares an apartment overlooking a river and palm trees in Japan with her husband, winter white hamsters and an ever-widening pile of books. When she’s not writing, she can be found digging through old Asian historical texts or planning another trip.

Visit Nadia on her website or her blog. You can also say hello on Facebook or Twitter.

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