Book Review: The Billionaire’s Forgotten Fiancée by Nadia Lee

billionaire's forgotten fiancee




The last thing wedding photographer Ginger Maxwell wants to do is face her high school sweetheart, who shattered her world when he disappeared after proposing. But when his powerful family wants her to bring him home or suffer utter financial ruin, she has no choice.

Amnesia left billionaire adventurer Shane Pryce with no memory of the golden beauty who claims to be his fiancée, but her gentle soul pulls at his heart. Together they create new memories to replace the ones that drove him away…but will those be enough when Shane finally remembers everything?


My Rating:

4.5 hearts


Favorite Quotes:

“How shallow he’d been.  As he gazed into her eyes, he saw her beauty wasn’t just on the surface.  She glowed from within her soul.”

“’The only reason I’m standing here with you alone is because I’ve studied Shaolin wushu since I was eight.’  She looked at him cockily.  ‘I’m the stereotypical bad-ass Asian chick, so don’t try anything buddy.’”

“’I’m not doing your laundry,’ she half-joked.  Unless it was cotton, she was afraid to wash anything in his closet given most of his clothes cost more than what she made in a month.”


My Review:

Nadia Lee is one of those automatic, one-click authors, so I don’t even bother to check the synopsis or read the reviews before I load her books into my cart.  I adore her writing, plot lines, and characters – well, most of them.  Her latest works, The Billionaire’s Forgotten Fiancée, is my new all-time favorite and is a steamy and bittersweet love story with elements of suspense as well.  I love a self-contained story with a continuation of characters.  The Pryce family series is a sexy saga that I have become devoted and addicted to, but am now having considerable concerns about, as it seems that the worst of the bunch is the only one left… I am intrigued, yet I also have a sense of trepidation about reading his story, I am afraid he may totally ruin me.

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