Book Review: The Agreement (An Indecent Proposal) by J.C. Reed & Jackie Steele

Title: The Agreement (An Indecent Proposal)
Authors: J.C. Reed & Jackie Steele
Release Date: December 15th, 2015
Genre: Mature New Adult/Adult Contemporary Romance
Predictable. Boring. Safe.
That’s what life is supposed to be like. As the rightful heir to Waterfront Shore, I would gladly refuse my inheritance. I don’t want the money. I sure don’t want to have anything to do with its dark past. Except for the letters of my deceased mother, I would be willing to cut losses and move on and give up my rich lifestyle. But my stepfather expects me to marry. And then there is my new fiancé.
My hot, fake fiancé.
Tall, handsome, mysterious.
That’s how Chase Wright is.
Unfortunately, he is not mine.
Unfortunately, too, the day I hired him, I signed an agreement.
When an innocent plan lands us engaged, none of us are prepared for the consequences. No one warned us that we could fall in love. Maybe The Agreement wasn’t such a good idea.
I should stay away from him and forget about our one night together.
Except he doesn’t want to….
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“I stared at him, speechless.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure I had any blood left in me.  I felt cold, and warm, excited and scared – all at the same time.”

My Review:

I struggled with this book – I personally found it to be a frustrating read yet kept hoping it would turn a corner and I really wanted to know what was in those mysterious letters the author seems to be holding hostage… but it just wasn’t happening for me.  I couldn’t seem to find anything likable or even enjoyable about the lead character.  She was beyond naïve – she was an insipid idiot.  She was not at all intriguing, but tediously immature, insecure, ridiculously annoying, and rigid.  I experienced whiplash between what she had going on in her head and the contrary dialogue she spewed out.  She was obsessed with her sexy hired boyfriend and craved him, but didn’t want him to touch her?  Say what?  And even when she secretly agrees she has to argue and question every little thing anyone says or does – as if it was a life changing decision – arg – she was exhausting.  If those things weren’t enough to chap my ass, it ended with another heinous cliffhanger, without ever seeing those damn coveted letters… Grrr…  I want to hit someone!

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