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Spring Valley

by T.L. Haddix



Caleb Walker is a veterinarian with a heart of gold and a solid fence built around his emotions. With a nightmare childhood that left scars and a history of failed relationships, he’s decided being alone is the path he’ll walk. But then a meddling, Cupid-playing cousin comes along and sets him up with the very last woman to whom he should be paying romantic attention.

Brooke Harrison is a bit of a dreamer with a soft spot for the doctor despite his clear “No Trespassing” signs. Her crush on Caleb remains private until she agrees to a sort-of blind date that gets sidelined by a veterinary emergency. Once revealed, those feelings ignite a fire between them that burns as hot as the sun. The only thing still in question is whether she can convince Caleb that permanent is something he’s able—and willing—to do.

Spring Valley is a novella, approximately 35,000 words in length, and episode 11 in the Firefly Hollow Series.



My Rating:

4.5 hearts


Favorite Quotes:


Oh, Caleb. I know who you are. I know exactly who you are. I’m just not sure you do.


Every muscle in her body felt smooth and relaxed as though she could turn to water and swim across the universe.


I didn’t know how much I wanted to belong to someone until I did.



 My Review:


I am new to Ms. Haddix’s gift for words and was stunned to discover I was reading book eleven of a series. Spring Valley was a quick, sweet, relevant, and touching story.   Caleb was sweet and a soft-hearted vet who felt tainted by his biological parents’ poor choices. The writing was engaging and the characters were endearing and adorable. This novella gave me a pleasant taste of Ms. Haddix skill level and enticed me into wanting to read the other ten books that preceded this one and any others that will follow.


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About the Author

T. L. Haddix is the author of several series, including the Shadows Collection (Romantic Suspense), Firefly Hollow (Romance with light, folklore-paranormal elements, set in Appalachia), and Sunset Motel (Erotic Romance, writing as Mallory Love). She’s a self-described eccentric, somewhat reclusive stick in the mud who lives in Eastern Kentucky in a log cabin with her husband and their cat-children. Her hobbies include gardening, cooking, canning, sewing, and being short, and if she gets brave, she’ll soon add chicken-owner to the list.

She writes books about characters who are flawed but who somehow still manage to overcome the challenges thrown in their paths and reach for happiness with their soul mates. And while she can’t tell a joke in the real world to save her life, she tries to inject her characters’ lives with quirky, unintentional humor that surprises readers at just the right moment.

You can contact her through her website,, which contains links to all her books and a very boring blog.



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  1. Reply Lulu Sep 30,2016 5:04 pm

    awww those quotes are so great, you can tell Haddix has a way with words!

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