Book Review: Sassy Saturdays by Judith Keim


Sassy Saturdays 

The Fat Fridays Group – Book 2

by Judith Keim




Releases November 29, 2016


Tiffany Wright begins her independent life supported by her friends in the Fat Fridays group. Singing at The Glass Slipper lounge on Saturday nights gives her the freedom to find herself and recover from a broken marriage to Beau, a man she still loves. With Beau’s unexpected death and the birth of their daughter, Tiffany is given a new purpose in life, a new reason to fight his family to protect his wishes and their baby girl. But Sassy Saturdays isn’t her story alone. The other women in the Fat Fridays group face new challenges and opportunities with mixed results as they support one another in the search for the happiness each deserves.

My Rating:

4 hearts


Favorite Quotes:


Friends are like the chocolate chips in the cookies of life.


Oh hon, life isn’t fair… It’s one of the hardest things to accept.


I sometimes think I should diet, and then I think of pizza.



My Review:


Sassy Saturdays is a more melancholy and pensive read than the first book in the series – Fat Fridays.   The group continued to transition with incremental to significant forward movement by all with good and bad news, new additions, personal losses, and disappointing setbacks, but they continue to be a source of strength and stability for each other regardless. The writing was emotive and heart squeezing as well as richly aesthetic in detail. The characters were realistic and likable and although somewhat frustrating at times, they were people I wish I had in my life, but poor Carol Ann, what a dolt.

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About the Authorjudith-keim

Judith Keim was born and raised in Elmira, New York, and now makes her home in Idaho with her husband and long-haired dachshund, Winston, and other members of her family.

Growing up, books were always present – being read, ready to go back to the library or about to be discovered. Information from the books was shared in general conversation, giving all of us in the family a wealth of knowledge and a lot of imagination. Perhaps that is why I was drawn to the idea of writing stories early on. I particularly love to write about women who face unexpected challenges with strength and find love along the way. As J.S. Keim I write children’s middle-grade novels. I love to write about kids who have interesting, fun, exciting experiences with creatures real and fantastical and with characters who learn to see the world in a different way.




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