Book Review: Roommating by Noelle Adams and Samantha Chase 1



by Noelle Adams

and Samantha Chase





Forget all those other roommate romances you might have read.

Heather and Chris don’t hate each other…very much. And they don’t have sex all the time…at least not at first. Chris doesn’t go around shirtless, flexing his muscles and driving Heather wild…too often. And he doesn’t get jealous and possessive every time she goes out with another man…well, maybe occasionally.

But they definitely don’t fall in love…right away.

When Heather comes back to her hometown, she plans to take over her father’s historic restoration business and move into a beautiful converted apartment in Preston’s Mill. Then she finds out she’ll have to partner up with the one man she can never forgive. Chris Dole, who abandoned her father and betrayed her trust three years ago.

It gets even worse. They don’t just have to work together. They have to become roommates for six months to prove they can get along. That means Heather will have to play nice with Chris and put up with his obnoxiousness, his drop-dead sexiness, and his ugly recliner named Flo.

She’ll do what she has to do out of loyalty to her father, but she isn’t going to like it.

At least not much.



My Rating:

4 hearts


Favorite Quotes:


He’d been strong before, but it looked like he’d been tearing up trees by the roots for the last few years.


As an act of preservation, he picked the dog up and cradled her to his chest – certain that if Heather was going to do anything to him, she’d reconsider if he was holding the dog. He was perfectly fine with using the dog as a shield. And being a coward.


Something is going on. I’ve been feeling vibes. Your young man has been stalking around brooding for a couple of days, like a bear who’s lost its honey and you look as jumpy as a rabbit who wants to get a carrot but is too nervous to cross the fence.


I don’t consider naked Saturday a way to cut back on water and laundry.



My Review:


Roommating was a quick and light NA rom-com that was easy to follow. Heather was a newly minted MBA and primed to take over her father’s business. However, her plans were soon dashed and she was crushed when her father presented her with his plan of bringing in a different partner. While I initially had a difficult time appreciating Heather as she seemed immature and emotionally shallow and stunted; I grew more empathetic with her as the story progressed. The story was sprinkled with a bit of steam and the nosy neighbor consistently brought welcome hits of levity.


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  1. Reply Anita Sep 12,2016 11:59 am

    Seriously though, roommate books are always a fun one to go back to!!

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