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Title: Refusing to Expire

Author: Tricia Daniels

Release Date: May 31, 2017

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Love sometimes comes to us when we’ve completely given up on it.
You just have to let go of the past and accept it.

Tori Campbell has neglected her needs as a woman, for far too long. Times are tough, money is tight, and raising three boys without a positive male role model in the house is challenging. After months of online dating, she realizes that there’s a whole lot of crazy out there. Discouraged, she struggles to accept that she may spend the rest of her life alone.

Roger Ford hasn’t been lucky in love, so far. He’s looking for someone to share his life. Someone to laugh and dance with. The moment they meet and he gazes into her enchanting, green eyes, he falls hard. Everything just seems to fit. Well, almost everything.

Roger may not be the perfect man, but he is no quitter, and he’s determined to prove it.



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I used to spend more time with my friend, Jen. Raising three boys on my own made it difficult both time wise and financially, so those times eventually faded away. Like my sex life and my sanity; as well as the ability to squeeze my ass into a size ten anything.


Hey, we all have baggage. When you meet someone you want to be with, you talk to each other, and you help each other downsize that full-size baggage into carry-on size.


There’s a moment in a girl’s life when she realizes… This is it. He’s the one. The moment when time stands still, and everything goes quiet, except for the sound of two souls coming together and celebrating. For me that moment occurs under the soft glow of the front porch light, in the front seat of a Chevy Camaro ZL1.



My Review:


Refusing To Expire was an engaging, cleverly written, and highly amusing delight. I was immediately invested in the story and enjoyed the premise, snarky humor, and steamy sensual scenes as I smirked my way through Ms. Daniels’s entertaining and colorfully embellished tale. The characters were vibrantly detailed, endearingly flawed, and fully fleshed out. Alongside the wit and humor were emotive undercurrents and observant insights. During the couple’s graveyard visit to check on Victoria’s father I may have felt my black heart being squeezed and well, okay, it may have beat a bit harder than usual while my eyes felt a bit blurry, and maybe they even leaked a bit of strange fluid. However, I will never be able to recall tumbleweeds or Nair in the same manner ever again, these items are now ruined and will forever incite a naughty smirk to crease my face. Sigh, Ms. Daniels has word voodoo and a new fangirl.




Tricia Daniels lives in a small town in Southern Ontario, Canada, where she raised three kids as a single parent. Creativity and imagination is something there is never a short supply of in her home. Between her quick wit and wicked sense of humor she found that she has a passion for writing steamy romance novels. Her goal is simple, tell her story, warm a few hearts, shed a few tears, share a silent chuckle, and occasionally, make people blush.
That’s the official version. But the simple truth is… I’m just a normal woman, struggling to pay the bills and trying to raise my kids in a home where they feel empowered, supported and loved. I’d like to say that the story came to me with a gentle persuasion…but oh no! This story hit me like a full on tackle from behind and there were no foul flags thrown by the referee. Here’s a little something unusual about me, well at least I think so… I’m not an author. My friends laugh when I say that. I have never aspired to write the next great love story or take the literary world by storm. I’m just a girl, who woke up from a dream with characters, scenes and a story in my head that was tied to such powerful emotions I couldn’t settle until I wrote them down to get them out of my brain. This story would have never been shared with any of you if it wasn’t for very good friends, who continue to try and convince me that I have a gift. Who knew? Definitely not me.



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  1. Reply Erica Watkins Jun 3,2017 2:14 pm

    What a nice review! I literally said “awww” while reading the last quote! Love this review!!

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