Book Review: Laura’s Dream

Laura’s Dream

A Cape Harriet Novella

by Roma Brooks




Connor Brown’s life has turned upside down. All he wants now is a week of solitude at the Rising Tides Inn. Amy’s trying to dodge the curve balls life has thrown at her. She has no time to spare for anyone.
When Connor plows into Amy’s house, he unwittingly wrecks the garden she’s toiled at for months. Neither Amy nor Connor imagine their paths will cross again.
Laura’s Dream is the story of two strangers brought together by fate. They discover a new side of each other’s life every time they meet, only to find they have a lot in common. Will they take a second chance at love?
If you like sweet, clean romance and happily ever afters, you will love Laura’s Dream. Book 4 of the much loved Cape Harriet series promises clean sweet romance in a beach setting, yummy food with recipes and small town charm.


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Favorite Quotes:


The woman ogled him, a nasty expression on her face.   A blush covered her cheeks, and the tip of hr nose was growing redder by the minute.


Rose Killer, the town was calling him, according to Cathy. He laughed out spontaneously.   Timid old Connor, slaying roses.   He had been average all his life.


She switched on her computer, took a deep breath, and got ready to channel her alter ego. Sexy Amy was on the job, and she gave boring old Amity a run for her money.


Are they lining up to pay your bills?… They have no right to be judging you.


My Review:


My favorite indefatigable and charming innkeepers are back. I love spending time at The Rising Tides Inn with Zadie and Pete. In this installment of the series a new guest comes for respite after the worst year of his life and of course, he is quickly absorbed by the small town community and pulled into their activities and functions, despite his unfortunate faux pas upon arrival. Connor was a simple man, not the brightest bulb in the box, but he was gentle, well-meaning, kind, and observant. I found it interesting that it was important to him to always wear freshly pressed clothes that he ironed himself.   The writing and storyline were easy to follow, intriguing, and engaging with a bit of a mystery along with the blossoming sweet romance for two struggling and world-weary people.

Roma Brooks writes stories featuring real life characters, the kind you would come across in your own family. Her books will make you laugh, cry, love, hate and bite your nails. She dreams of retiring to a seaside town like Cape Harriet where the gentle waves of the ocean lull you into sweet dreams.

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