Book Review: Laugh Like You’ve Never Cried by S.J. McCoy 2

laugh like you've never cried

Laugh Like You’ve Never Cried

by S.J. McCoy




Megan Reid doesn’t like to be noticed, she just wants to be left alone. She’s never felt comfortable around people–her past has taught her that it’s safer to avoid them. Her job at the library lets her spend time with the books and children she loves. Between her work and her dog, she has everything she needs. Summer Lake seems to be the perfect place for her to live out the quiet little life she’s been hoping for.

Until she meets Michael.

He is everything she’s not, he’s fun, funny, charming and outgoing–and oh, so sexy! He’s about to turn her world upside down. If she sticks around long enough to let him.

Michael Morgan is back in Summer Lake after fifteen years in Australia. It’s time for him and his son to settle down to a life that includes his family, his friends, and the work he loves as a small town doctor. Life is good, but he has to wonder if it wouldn’t be even better with the timid little librarian by his side.

These two embark on a journey laced with apprehension, insecurity, the shared love for a small boy, and a whole lot of laughter. But is it a journey that will eventually lead them to each other, or will past hurts always get in the way?

The Summer Lake contemporary romance series follows a group of friends from a small lakeside town in the California hills. They have kept in touch over the years and now, in their early thirties, their lives are drawing them back to Summer Lake and to each other.

My Rating:

5 hearts


Favorite Quotes:


“He had revised his opinion of her this evening.  She wasn’t the cold and calculating creature he’d thought her to be at all.  She was just too smart in some respects – and too clueless in others.”


“If she were easy, he wouldn’t be so intrigued by her.  Although he’d let the joke slip by, he couldn’t become someone else completely for her.  He was dialing it back, but he couldn’t help winking as he asked, ‘Do you like sausage?’”


“The way Michael had kissed her goodnight, had made her wish she was someone else. Someone who would have invited him to come in with her and continue the conversation their bodies had started.”


My Review:


I adore S.J. McCoy’s writing, she has what she calls a “Sweet N Steamy” style, and I for one believe she has perfected it.  This is the fifth book in the Summer Lake series, which is a series that I hope continues on into infinity.  Summer Lake and it’s inhabitants are so appealing, I want to live there and be friends with this supportive group of attractive, intelligent, and witty people.  Ms. McCoy’s characters are likable, realistic, and smartly written.  They continue on through the series yet each book can stand-alone; although if you have read one, you will undoubtedly want to read them all.  The writing is humorous, insightful, observant, and heart-felt without constant angst and conflict. The main characters in this story were good for and to each other throughout the story.  Megan was painfully shy, socially awkward, lacking in self-esteem, physically clumsy, and prone to stammering.  I reveled in how she blossomed through her association with the group of friends as well as in her romance.  I am already eager to start the next book.

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  1. Reply joselynburke Oct 22,2015 5:45 am

    looks like an interesting read =)

  2. Reply Anita Oct 22,2015 12:58 pm

    Great review. I feel like I could probably relate with Megan well!

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