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Jack Gets His Man

Jack Gets His Man (The Gray-Haired Knitting Detectives #2)

by D.E. Haggerty







Jack’s life is awesome. His store is making money hand over fist and his best friend has found love. So what if he’s feeling a bit restless and put out about his upcoming birthday and his ex is being a pain in his fabulous behind? That’s nothing he can’t handle, but then his super hot new bookkeeper discovers things at the store aren’t actually as they seem. Someone is playing fast and loose with the finances. Jack’s bestie and his gal pals, the grey-haired knitting detectives, jump at the chance to solve Jack’s problems. When they aren’t re-enacting scenes from spy thrillers, they’re setting Jack up on dates and generally insinuating themselves into his love life. They’re determined to find love for Jack as well as his missing money. Will Jack catch a thief or find love? Either way Jack’s going to get his man.

My Rating:

4.5 hearts

Favorite Quotes:


“Ally was really a sweet old lady, although she had a naughty streak, which sometimes ended with Jack getting his butt pinched.”


“You know some poor woman pissed them off and they put Ex-Lax in a batch of brownies to teach her a lesson.  I don’t touch the cookies anymore.”


“Danny resembled a Norse god with long blond hair, clear blue eyes, a strong jaw, and a body built to fight with Thor.”


“Betty whispered as if they were a team of spies from Mission: Impossible.  Except everyone nodded in apparent glee.  No one on Mission: Impossible ever seemed gleeful to start a new mission.”


My Review:


I adore these geriatric sleuths and match-makers.  They are a colorful, highly entertaining, and well written group of troublemakers.  Since they got Izzy settled in the first book, they can now turn their sights on her friend Jack for this installment.  Poor Jack, something is just not right.  He is restless, bored, and snappish.  Could it be because he is about to turn the big 4-0?  But something else is troubling him beside that looming date, or even the elderly yentas trying to set him up with whatever hapless men they happen to meet.  There is something mysterious going on at his store, so the ladies don their uniforms, and perform recon and stake-outs to come to his rescue, whether he wants their orthopedic shoe and stretchy pant wearing aid or not.  The story is highly enjoyable from beginning to end and caused countless smirks during perusal.  I don’t think I could ever tire of this bossy and meddlesome crew.

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Look for the review for Book #3 coming next week!

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