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Going All The Way

by Cynthia Cooke






After a failed marriage and quitting her high-pressure job, Carrie Steinhem is ready for uncomplicated fun. Love? Not what she’s looking for. She’d rather crash a wedding with her friends and find a hot hookup. The bride’s father is onto her, though. But just as her night out veers toward public embarrassment, a sizzling stranger sweeps in and claims Carrie as his date.

Potential hookup? Check. If she doesn’t get cold feet first.

Ryan Burton is on the fast track to a promotion…assuming he can avoid distractions and nail this new account. Except the woman he rescued at a friend’s wedding ends up not only being his new neighbor—she’s his client’s ex-wife. And his client has every intention of winning her back.

Carrie and Ryan would love to leave complicated alone, but when two people share a duplex and irresistible chemistry, temptation—and love—is right around the corner…


My Rating:

3.5 hearts


Favorite Quote:


She was making changes in her life, big ones. Jumping back into the dating scene was just one of them. Slowly, she reminded herself. Perhaps not jumping, but dabbling. Toes first. One at a time.”


My Review:


For a couple with instant chemistry and obvious attraction for each other, a connection should have been easier to achieve. Maybe the whole premise of the book was a bit lost on me and it was meant to be about the journey, but I found the back and forth to grow increasingly tedious after the fourth or fifth round of dithering. The characters were likable and each at a crossroads in their life, but also annoyingly indecisive and unwilling to speak up for what they wanted. The story progressed slowly, going in larger and larger circles that bruised and squeezed the heart before they actually did – go all the way – in a delectably steamy scene. A quick and light read with a sweet dog as a bonus.

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Cynthia Cooke

Cynthia Cooke’s first novel was published in 2003. Since then she has gone on to publish 18 novels in 12 different countries, in many different languages. She is an award-winning author published with Harlequin, Steeple Hill, Entangled, and Amazon Kindle Worlds. She has a deep affection for romance stories and playing in the ocean. On her best days you can find her on the beach with her notebook, a novel in hand, and her dog, Angel, by her side.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Going All The Way by Cynthia Cooke

  1. Reply shyunique Feb 14,2016 5:00 am

    It’s my first time I’ve seen you rate less than four. Now that makes me curious about this book.

  2. Reply anitaloves2read Feb 15,2016 3:46 am

    Ah, I’ve been there before. Sometimes the back and forth is just too much.

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