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12 Hot Scrooges 12 Amazing Stories * 12 Days of Christmas

Kaithlin Shepherd – V. Cantrell – Katherine May – Mari Brown – Amy McClung – Becca Lee 
Lola Stark – Debra Elisa – Vanessa Morse – Ann Grech – K.D. Robichaux – Danielle Jamie
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Sometimes hot alphas struggle to get into the festive spirit, but holidays offer the perfect opportunity to tempt Scrooge. Join 12 amazing authors and fall in love with their 12 Scrooges.
There’s never a more perfect time than today to be swept away in sweet kisses and tempting caresses.
A Hot Tree Publishing Anthology

His Christmas Miracle by Kaithlin Shepherd
Jayce promised himself that he would never risk losing anything again, but sometimes the magic of Christmas sends you what you need the most.
Presents & Possibilities by V. Cantrell
Event planner, Lily, must be prepared for all possibilities, but not even she can predict the outcome of working with Tyler during the holiday season.
Seducing Mr. Scrooge by Katherine May
Jude Shepherd isn’t feeling the holiday spirit, and is taking his frustration out on his staff. When Ariana Gilbert hears Jude, her high school crush, has an opening at his multi-million corporation, her mind is set: she’s going to seduce Mr. Scrooge.
Belle’s Christmas Miracle by Mari Brown
Sierra needs Cage’s help. But with six years of history between them, can they get through the past to work on the future?
A Christmas Makeover by Amy McClung
Thatcher Cole’s Grinch-like attitude clashes with Skye’s jolly-holiday stance. When Skye’s house needs a makeover, it’s not the only transformation occurring this holiday season.
All Wrapped Up by Lola Stark
He wanted a fling, she wanted to forget. A chance meeting gives each more than they bargained for.
Mistletoe & Scrooge by Debra Elise
A scrooge and a party planner agree to a “business only” date on Christmas Eve. But it’s not long before a meddling aunt, a pixie, and plenty of mistletoe bring Grant and Sophie closer together – sharing hot kisses and relearning the true meaning of Christmas.
Mistletoe by Vanessa Morse
Holly’s holiday began long before a kiss under the mistletoe. A night forgotten, a love found…Christmas wishes really can come true.
A Christmas Wish Come True by Ann Grech
Christmas is always a difficult time for Declan, made worse when he’s faced with an impossible choice: his straight step-brother or an anonymous one-night stand. Will Declan find a reason to smile this holiday?
The Christmas Hunt by KD Robichaux
Finally landing the super-sexy, broody, tatted-up hottie, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that he can give The Grinch and Scrooge a run for the title of Biggest Christmas Bad Boy.
Seducing St. Nick by Danielle Jamie
Marina has vowed to never allow herself to fall for the arrogant playboy, Dr. St. Nick…but sometimes vows are made to broken.
Kiss & Tell by Becca Lee
Avoiding the festivities of Christmas is virtually impossible for Jenna. Not only is she forced to man the community fete’s kissing booth, but Nick, a man she’s been lusting over for far too long, finally finds the perfect opportunity to get her to kiss and tell.

My Rating:


Favorite Quotes:


It wasn’t that Lily disliked Olivia exactly; it was just Olivia was the spawn of Satan. She was the most selfish and hateful person Lily had ever met, and she really hoped Karma bit her in the ass.


There is no way Aunt Louise can sit next to Sheila Harris.   Those two old biddies are meaner than rattlesnakes and will fight like cats and dogs.


I needed my smart juice to start flowing so I wasn’t a complete idiot my first day.


Jude was amazing. He was lethal in the sense that he could show you the reasons you should buy whatever he was selling. ‘Buy this flaming bag of dog poo; trust me, you don’t want to be without it,’ and for some reason, you really would contemplate buying the damn poop.


I think someone superglued my foot in my mouth.


Be sure to add Chapstick to your shopping list. We’re going to need it.


For virtually two whole months, the piece of crap hadn’t seen his son.   It was on her lips, the need to cuss him out. Her leg also tingled, wanting to kick him in the nuts.



My Review:


I enjoyed this collection and found it an interesting premise as each short story of this anthology contained a character that did not enjoy or even despised and avoided the Christmas season for various reasons – such as past traumatic events, divorce, betrayal, loss, or just bad memories such as heinous parents/childhood. Each of these “Scrooge” types experienced an unjolly association and were not at all merry during the season until they underwent a mental and emotional transformation by opening their hearts to a new or second chance love affair. The stories were generally quick reads with a sweet ending and varied in their level of steam from mild to scalding. I was only familiar with one of the authors when I started – the talented Ms. Becca Lee, whose participation was reason enough for me to pick up the book 😉


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