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Title: Dead & Buried

Author: Rebecca Jennifer

Genre: Contemporary Romance


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About Dead & Buried:

You ever hear the phrase, about as successful as a soup sandwich? Well, that’s me, I’m the soup sandwich, but instead of a soggy mess, you have a twenty-five year old with a Bachelor’s degree in nothing useful who just quit her job at the local home improvement store where there were definitely no tortured billionaires looking to tie anyone up–and that’s not a bad thing. I know, it’s looking pretty sad right about now, but at least I don’t still live with my parents…


So, here I am, embarking on a new journey covering the Funerals and Obituaries section of the local paper, the San Diego Metro News, for the editor – brace yourself – my uncle, Sal. Unfortunately, while my parents are on vacation, my Granny and her friends are determined to stir up some trouble–but this time, they may have bitten off more than they can chew–especially when some of the residents of the local retirement community are turning up unnaturally dead.


There is nothing that will keep me from protecting the people who I love, no matter how crazy they may be–not even the sexy, I mean stubborn, homicide detective, Trent Foyle, can stop me.


My name is Shelby Whitmore and I’m kind of the newest reporter for the San Diego Metro News, but hey, I’m a hit with the blue hairs.




My Rating:



Favorite Quotes:


I open and close my mouth like a fish on the dock while he just smiles at me and our grandmothers debate the pros and cons of a Brazilian wax.


Is it all that the romance novels say it’s cracked up to be?”   Marla asks innocently. “I’m just worried that with my hip the way it is now, it would just be a disaster. It was hard enough getting old Harold to give me a second go after I broke my hip, you know, with Harold.”


There is another uniformed officer in the room, and I’m about to complain about having a man touch me so intimately when I realize the giant man with a blond mustache is actually a woman named Sally. She looks as if she brooks no bullshit, so I don’t even argue as she instructs me to strip out of my clothes and then does things that I would usually require her to buy me dinner and a movie first, at the very least.


“Son, I know that look,” my dad says. “You need to either batten down the hatches or run. You might want to choose the latter. She did get the top honor at scout camp for knife-throwing. Six years in a row.”


My Review:


Dead and Buried was a fun and comical read that frequently had me smirking and chortling.   A hybrid cozy mystery/romantic comedy, this amusing tale was written from the first person POV from a red-headed, hot mess, accident prone, Calamity Jane type named Shelby. I adored her. I also enjoyed the levity, banter, outrageous situations, deliciously steamy bits, feisty seniors, and a bevy of quirky characters. The plot was active, eventful, steamy, amusing, and highly entertaining. While keeping tabs on her wayward grandmother and starting a new job, Shelby seemed to bounce from one humiliating catastrophe to another. Shelby’s new employment had her attending funerals and writing obituaries, and despite her hopes of making a good impression while attending her first job-related event, Shelby managed to fall into an open grave. Nor did her day improve as she later ran naked into a closed sliding glass door at home after being startled by a staggeringly handsome police officer. A good gander at her naked body slamming into a glass door was apparently the recipe for love as he was smitten.


However, even odder things started happening to Shelby although first, along with her favorite indulgence, she received a warning about a bad man from her past while buying lunch from her favorite taco dealer/street vendor – a man who self-reported having “the sight.” At the same time, odd events and an increase in accidents and deaths were occurring at the swanky retirement village where her grandmother was currently residing.   Despite being in their 80’s, the well-dressed, spry, great-grandchild obsessed, and highly spirited grannies were not buying the explanation that old people die, so of course, they turned to Shelby for assistance in launching their own investigation, who better? Hijinks and shenanigans ensued.


Over the course of the book poor Shelby experienced several blows to the head and while I feared for her gray matter, one of the after effects was quite humorous as she was prone to verbalizing her inappropriate thoughts aloud – I wish I had an excuse for that same tendency… I enjoyed this book start to finish and will be eagerly awaiting future tales of Shelby’s adventures.



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 Exclusive Excerpt:

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in an R. Kelly song? Because I’m definitely feeling like I’m living one. You could almost say I’m trapped in one. But not the toot toot, beep beep fun of “Ignition” or the motivational “I Believe I Can Fly”– I’m talking “Trapped in the Closet.” All seventy-five parts. Because, you know, I am actually trapped in a closet. A utility closet to be specific.

I have no idea what happened. One minute, I’m walking up the stairs of the building my granny lives in, Peaceful Sunset Retirement Village, singing, ironically, “Ignition.” I had just gotten to the good part, you know, the “hot and fresh out the kitchen” part—it’s the part where I like to mime driving a car, the part after the toots when I pull down my arm like I’m honking the horn on a big rig. I’m right in the middle of my song and dance repertoire—when all of a sudden, I hear one of the doors to the stairwell open and close, which is normal since the nurses and caregivers use these halls to get around faster and not clog up the elevators that the seniors use. The next thing I know, something hits me over the head, and it’s lights out. I never even saw the guy. Or gal. Who am I to discriminate?

Anyhoo, fast forward, however long that might be, and I find myself awake, with a killer headache. A headache a lot like the one I got when I fell out of my friend’s parents’ camper in the second grade. My friend who was also named Shelby. Weird, right? Anyway, we were playing after school at her house, and her mom found nothing wrong with our playing in one of those VW vans that were small campers with the part that pops up out of the roof for you to sleep in.

So there we were, playing with our Super Spy Barbies in the pop-up part, when she jumped down to get a clothing change for her doll. Shelby B., as our teachers in school called her to distinguish between us, was a lot bigger than me. I was the runt of the litter back then. When she went to pull herself back up, dress included, she grabbed the board I was sitting on, and I wasn’t big enough to hold the board down, so Other Shelby pulled me and the board down on top of her. We landed in order: board, then me, then the dolls and their accoutrements. After that, I bounced off of her and out the open sliding door onto the sidewalk, face first.

Next thing I knew, I was coming to, and her mom was running down the driveway with the phone to her ear. A couple of minutes later, my mom and dad pulled up in my mom’s old Jeep Cherokee, followed by a fire truck and an ambulance.

As it turned out, I had one hell of a concussion, which we found out while my dad was hanging out with all of the firemen and paramedics that he knew because they all played basketball together at the gym. I spent the night in the emergency room and the next week with the mother of all headaches, which is how I feel right now as I struggle to open my eyes and make them focus.

I look around and everything is blurry. I blink my eyes a couple of times to clear my vision. It helps a little. I take stock of what’s around me—there are mops and brooms, shelves of lightbulbs and other various paraphernalia, cleaning supplies—when it dawns on me where I am, which is how I find myself trapped in a utility closet, à la R. Kelly.

I’m sitting on the floor on my butt with my back against some more shelves. My legs are straight out in front of me, and my ankles are tied together with a zip tie. Yippee! I groan out loud when I realize my hands are bound the same way behind my back.

I could lie down and wait for a psycho to come back and finish me off, but that’s not how my daddy raised me. And if I did die because I was being a big baby, Granny would bring me back to life just to whoop my butt and kill me again. I wiggle around, trying to find anything I can break these zip ties on. I notice the door has hinges that look like little hooks, and I scoot over to try to hook the tie on my ankles to it. I wiggle and kick my legs and wiggle some more, all pretty thankful I keep my biweekly yoga date with my grandmother and her friends.

I hook the zip tie on the bottom door hinge and kick my feet by bending and straightening my knees. “Come on, come on,” I chant under my breath as I rub the plastic against the sharp side of the door hinge. “Yes!” I shout as the tie breaks. I swing to my knees and push up to my feet. My legs shake. Impressive considering there’s a polka band playing in my head and I kind of want to puke.

I lean my right shoulder against the shelves and squeeze my eyes tight, hoping to stop the room from spinning before I can find something to undo the tie at my wrists. My eyes pop open at the sudden quiet rattle of the door. I have to squint against the intrusion of the bright light that is immediately switched on. When I open them again, I am face-to-face with the vibrant jade eyes of one sexy Detective Trenton Foyle, San Diego PD.

“Jesus, Shelby, you scared the shit out of me!” he booms. I just roll my eyes, which I instantly regret, slamming them shut again.

“What?” I ask innocently.

“You just can’t help yourself, can you?” he asks.

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about,” I say coyly.

“You just have to stir up trouble, don’t you?” he asks, shaking his head.

I don’t care to answer, so I don’t. It’s not like I find myself trapped in a closet every day. Who am I kidding? I may not find trouble, but trouble always has a way of finding me. I’d like to say this is the last time, but why lie? My name is Shelby Whitmore, and I’m sort of a reporter for the San Diego Metro News and most definitely trapped in a closet.


About the Author:

Jennifer is a thirty something lover of words, all words: the written, the spoken, the sung (even poorly), the sweet, the funny, and even the four letter variety. She is a native of San Diego, California where she grew up reading the Brownings and Rebecca with her mother and Clifford and the Dog who Glowed in the Dark with her dad, much to her mother’s dismay.


Jennifer is a graduate of California State University San Marcos where she studied Criminology and Justice Studies. She is also an Alpha Xi Delta.


10 years ago, she was swept off her feet by her very own sailor. Today, they are happily married and the parents of a 8-year-old and 6-year-old twins. She can often be found in East Texas on the soccer fields, drawing with her children, or reading. Jennifer is convinced that if she puts her fitbit on one of the dogs, she might finally make her step goals. She loves a great romance, an alpha hero, and lots and lots of laughter.

Twitter: @JenniRLreads

Instagram: @JenniRLreads


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