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Blame it on the Cowboy

by Delores Fossen


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Every cowboy has a wild side—all it takes is the right woman to unleash it… 

All of Logan McCord’s carefully laid plans erupt the day he walks in on his would-be fiancée getting…well, not so carefully laid. Tonight, just once, Logan is acting on instinct. And that instinct is telling him to say “Happy to oblige” to the cute stranger looking for a no-strings fling with a Texas cowboy.

When chef Reese Stephens made her bucket list, she mistakenly thought she had weeks to live. Not that she regrets her one-night-stand with the gorgeous rancher. But she does regret leaving an heirloom watch as a parting gift. Tracking Logan down is easy. Walking away again is another matter. Because Reese’s crazy past and Logan’s battered heart are no match for the kind of chemistry that could turn one night into the start of a passionate lifetime.


My Rating:

4.5 hearts


Favorite Quotes:


Jimena stood out partly because she was stunning.   Also partly because she drank like a fish, cursed like a sailor and ate like a pig.


The man moved like a cartoon character who drank an hourly six-pack of Red Bull.


He said her name as if she were a persistent toenail fungus.


Deputy Davy Devine looked like a zombie and had the IQ of a shrimp. He could start a brawl just by showing up on the scene.


It’s hard not to have man-baggage once you’re past twenty-one, but all it takes is one good man to help you put that baggage away for good.


I was raised by con artists. We would have had to come up in status to be called trailer trash.


My Review:


This was my first experience in reading Delores Fossen and I found it to be a highly enjoyable and pleasant experience. Her characters were fresh, complicated, and amusingly described. The story was multi-layered and the writing was engaging and entertaining. The storyline and the characters intrigued me, nothing was predictable. For a supposedly low crime rate small town, it was a hotbed of gossip and riddled with blackmail, but if you have ever lived in a small town, you would know that reputation is everything… my mother’s constant rebuke was “What would people think?!?” Sigh.   I enjoyed the book and found the characters likable, complicated, realistically flawed, and compelling. The story was relevant and laced with humor, insightful and observant details, and lots of juicy secrets that were peeled back one layer at a time. The suspense was well-paced and kept me engaged throughout. This was the third installment in the series but had strong legs and stood well on its own, although I would love to go backward and read the previous books of the younger brothers’ stories.

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871833-300x200About Delores Fossen

USA Today bestselling author, Delores Fossen, has sold over 70 novels with millions of copies of her books in print worldwide. She’s received the Booksellers’ Best Award, the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award and was a finalist for the prestigious Rita ®. In addition, she’s had nearly a hundred short stories and articles published in national magazines.


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