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Book Title: A Lovely Reality
Author: Barbara Cutrera
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Book Blurb

In this thrilling sequel to A Lovely Dream, Seneca and Michael battle to survive a plot initiated by a murderous man from Michael’s past. Innocent people fall prey to the psychopathic killer, who then kidnaps Michael. Seneca must save the man she loves and keep their children, family, and friends safe from harm. Her determination to find Michael before it’s too late leads her into a dark world where espionage and murder are accepted and expected. Forced to trust a dangerous man who has his own agenda, Seneca has to use every resource available to her in order to bring Michael home to the lovely reality they created before his disappearance.


Once I was certain Hadeel had chewed and swallowed her food, I offered her some juice. She shook her head and said clearly, “No, Mama.” Pointing to the rice and pasta mixture, she demanded, “I want more of that.”

I gave her another spoonful before looking at Krystal, who looked as surprised as I felt. Krystal waited until the toddler had finished chewing and had taken a sip of juice before asking, “Hadeel, who is that over there?”

After looking across to where Krystal was pointing, she said, “Daddy and Hani.”

“What is Daddy doing?”

“Feeding the baby,” she replied before reaching for the risotto and saying, “I want more, Mama.”

I gestured to Krystal and asked, “Who is this?”

“It’s Kry-stal!” Hadeel said then giggled before indicating she wanted more risotto. I gave her another spoonful and asked Krystal to get Michael, who was giving Hani a bottle while talking to a male cousin. I watched as Krystal interrupted the discussion and motioned for Michael to follow her. He walked over with Hani in his arms.

“What’s wrong?” Michael asked worriedly as he sat on the other side of Hadeel’s highchair.

“Hadeel, tell Daddy what you want.”

“I want more!” she exclaimed and indicated the rice and pasta. “I like that.”

Michael looked stunned then amused. I recounted the other sentences Hadeel had uttered and wondered aloud how many others she knew and just hadn’t shared with us, yet. A few moments later, she dropped the stuffed Winnie the Pooh toy she’d been holding and exclaimed, “Oh, fuck! Pooh fell down.”

I was horrified. Michael exploded with laughter and couldn’t seem to stop. Krystal snickered beside me. The relatives in our vicinity asked what was so funny. Michael was laughing so hard he was crying and couldn’t catch his breath.

“I guess you were right,” he said, once he’d regained enough control over himself to speak again. “I suppose I shouldn’t swear in front of the children.” He burst out laughing again, saw my expression, and said, “Sorry. It’s too funny.”

“It won’t be funny when we go to Mommy and Me exercise class and she says that word in front of the other mothers and children,” I declared angrily.

Michael got up, came around the highchair, bent down, and kissed me. Depositing Hani into my arms, he turned to Hadeel and said something to her in Arabic. She answered – in Arabic. Michael turned to me with a huge grin on his face and said, “By Jove, I think she’s got it!”

My anger dissipated in an instant. Michael seemed exuberant. He looked carefree and totally happy. I caught a glimpse of Al out of the corner of my eye and saw him as he intently watched Michael. He himself was grinning madly, and I knew how happy it made him to see his grandson so relaxed and overjoyed.


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Book Trailer

Book Trailer provided by Barbara Cutrera


My Rating:

4.5 hearts


Favorite Quotes:

 “You are so innocent that it’s both refreshing and frightening.”

“Give the cat some dignity, Seneca.  He’s already been neutered, and now you want to call him Cupcake?”

“I may be a genius, but I’m also a slow learner.”

“Don’t for a moment think that he’s a good man.  He’s a dangerous man who has good in his heart.”

My Review:

It has been my experience with series, that sequels are rarely better than the first offerings, as it is hard to maintain momentum while recapping previous events and still move the story forward.   Although, Barbara Cutrera doesn’t seem to suffer from this problem, as she has done just that with A Lovely Reality, and has bested her previous effort of A Lovely Dream, which I also found to be well-written and absorbing.  Not only did she maintain the energy and intrigue of the previous story, she amped up the pace and threw in considerable suspense, family drama, romance, sensuality, and international spy ring adventures.  Buckle up for more secrets, unexpected plot twists, psychological issues, and heart rendering moments as they are going to unfold during this active and emotive story which spanned the country from one coast to the other.  It occurred to me that this couple met, fell in love, married, remodeled their home, and became parents to two children within a year.  I feel like such a slug.

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Meet the Author

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Born and raised in Louisiana, Barbara Cutrera was destined to be a storyteller. The author of contemporary romance, paranormal romance, romantic suspense, fiction, and mystery novels, she became addicted to reading and creative writing at an early age. She moved to Florida’s Gulf Coast with her husband, son, and Cairn terrier in 2004 and enjoys its relaxed, diverse atmosphere. Barbara, who is visually impaired, believes our minds are only limited by the restrictions we place upon them. She has a passion for writing, reading, family, friends, music, Nutella, and A & W Cream Soda.

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