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Getting Over Gary

Getting Over Gary

by Jessica Redland


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The much anticipated sequel to “Searching for Steven”

It was supposed to be the perfect fairy-tale. Elise married her childhood sweetheart, Gary, straight out of college, and they’ve been happy together for over twelve years. Elise is now desperate to start a family, but Gary doesn’t seem to share her enthusiasm anymore. Arriving home early from a party, she discovers why: Gary’s been keeping a secret from her. A very big secret.

While her own marriage appears to be falling apart, being a supportive bridesmaid for her best friend, Sarah, isn’t easy. Especially not when Clare, her nemesis from day one, is one of the other bridesmaids. If she’s going to get through it, she needs to put her own feelings aside, find herself again, and get over Gary. Fast.

Could recently-divorced Daniel be the tonic Elise needs, or is he full of secrets and lies too? Is his hostile, but strangely attractive brother, Michael, the genuine article instead? And why do the good guys like Stevie turn her down?

But then Elise discovers she has a secret of her own and getting over Gary suddenly becomes the least of her worries…


My Rating:

4 hearts


Favorite Quotes:


“‘I’m not ready for sleep yet.’  I tried for sultry.  I think I managed slurred.”


“I think your gaydar may need some fine-tuning now that you’ve crossed the border.  I think it’s still in Scottish frequency.”


“He swiftly removed his shirt, revealing a ripped stomach.  A group of giggling girls wolf-whistled as they passed.  Curtis licked his finger then rubbed one of his nipples with it in an extremely camp Austin Powers-style pose.”


“The minimum age was late-fifties and the dress code was beige.”


“And she also said that if I mess you about, she’ll never order from me again and she’ll rip my bollocks off and mount them in her next floral arrangement.  So please don’t tell her I was late because I’m a little bit scared of her right now.”


“Right now, you’re about as much use as a one-legged cat trying to bury a turd on a frozen lake.”


My Review:


Getting over Gary teetered from light-hearted and witty, to serious and thoughtful.  The subject matter could have been heavy and angsty, although I enjoyed the hits of levity as the story unraveled realistically with a multi-layered progression, while still managing to remain entertaining.  The characters were quirky, interesting, and likable, and I enjoyed following them around.  The premise was relevant and current while the plot took several unpredictable and surprising turns.  I was occasionally frustrated with Elise yet, being a fellow procrastinator, I understood her all too well.  This being the second book in the series, I am feeling the pull to go backward and read the first book and accompanying short stories as well, although this volume stood well on its own legs.

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Jessica Redland

Jessica lives on the stunning North Yorkshire Coast in England which provides the inspiration for the setting of her debut books. She works in Human Resources by day and writes by night. Being a mum, Brown Owl and bootcamper fill the rest of her waking hours.




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  1. Reply Curly Carla Mar 5,2016 5:09 am

    Every book you review I find myself wanting to read!

  2. Reply shyunique Mar 5,2016 9:21 pm

    Just the title alone reminds me of someone. This fits me.

  3. Reply Alisha Webster Mar 7,2016 9:23 am

    I’ve read a few 2nd books that I didn’t even realize were 2nds in the series. I love that!

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