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Forever-The Series Boxed Set

by Karen Booth



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Did you ever crush on a rock star? What if twenty years later, when your life was totally different, your fantasy came true? It’s like Notting Hill meets Music & Lyrics, a sweeping love story rooted in real life, and an especially fun read for ’80s music fans. The Forever Series bundle includes the two original full-length novels, Bring Me Back and the sequel, Back Forever, as well as two prequels, Save a Prayer and Claire’s Diary. It also includes more than twenty-five pages of bonus material, character interviews and snippets left on the cutting room floor.

Bring Me Back
Claire Abby was seventeen when she first fell in love with British rock star Christopher Penman. Twenty years later, her career depends on unlocking his secrets, but he’s about to unlock her heart.
“For every woman who had a crush on a rock star and still secretly wishes her fantasy would become reality. Smart, sexy and fun, with enough realism that it could be you.”-USA Today Bestselling author Louise Bay

Back Forever, The Sequel
The break-up that rocked Christopher’s and Claire’s world was the ultimate test of their love. But when Claire’s dad starts behaving strangely and her college-bound daughter starts pushing the limits, life begins to unravel. Can they hold on to each other and hold on to forever?
“Poignant, bittersweet, and satisfying, Back Forever sustains the plausible fantasy-to-reality charm of Bring Me Back.”-Manic Readers

Save a Prayer, Prequel One, Graham and Angie’s story
It’s summer, 1985. The music has never been better. MTV is everywhere. Angie Dawson has landed her dream job. And it’s put her on a plane from the UK to Philadelphia to face Graham Whiting, the guy who broke her heart.

Claire’s Diary, Prequel Two
Claire Abby is like any other seventeen-year-old girl in 1986. The boys in The Suburbs, MN are the pits, school is entirely too much work, and her snotty, lipgloss-wearing nemesis has the locker next to hers. The only thing that can save her from her miserable existence is her best friend, her favorite band, Banks Forest, and Christopher Penman, the ultimate imaginary boyfriend.


My Rating:


Favorite Quotes:


Bring Me Back


I wasn’t drooling… It’s called research.


My mom weighed in on the situation from inside my head, as she was apt to do whenever I was confused. She and I had been exceptionally close when she was alive and somehow our running conversation never ended when she was no longer among the living. She told me to stop being stupid, smile, and eat my lunch. She also thought I should show some leg, but I reminded her that I was wearing pants.


I was wondering how you make everything so perfect. It’s very discouraging for the rest of us.


Do I give you the fanny gallops, Claire?


Back Forever


I’m not a carnival game. You aren’t swinging a mallet to ring the bell.


You are the most extraordinary and wonderful and frustrating woman I have ever met and I want you to be mine forever.


I shook my head at every stupid thing I said. Funny how the things in her head that make perfect sense have an entirely different ring when they’re out in the open.


You are my sunrise and sunset, the air I breathe, the quietest of moments, and the loudest of exclamations. Everything I do is for you and that will remain until I have nothing left on this earth to give.


Save A Prayer


I wasn’t really sure whether I should laugh flirtatiously or throw up… It hurt to look at him. He also, inexplicably, made a regular habit of hitting on me. My vanity was sure I should be flattered by his overtures.   My brain was sure I should lie and tell him I had an incurable case of chlamydia.


Her smile was like shining a spotlight on a Rembrandt – it brought out her beauty in a way that left me breathless.


I’m not Mrs. Whiting. Your mother is. And I really don’t think you should get the two of us confused…


Claire’s Diary


I was pretty sure Tommy was a sweet guy and he’d saved me from the humiliation of dealing with Holly, but I wondered for a second if I was the dipshit girl in an after-school special with blind trust for a boy she’d ended up with by accident.


It was as if God had whispered in my ear that I would have one last growth spurt and become a C-cup – hearing a boy say that I smelled good made my head swim with possibilities.


Hardly anything ever turns out better than I imagined it, probably since I’m so good at imagining amazing things.


She’s a stupid twit, who will probably end up being the assistant janitor at Dairy Queen.



My Review:


Book one of a box set and I am well entertained and looking forward to the next installment. Bring Me Back was an enjoyable read with a storyline that circles through the full range of emotions and back again, with humor, insight, heartbreak, angst, romance, and steamy love scenes. A writer’s celebrity crush/imaginary boyfriend at age seventeen becomes a work project twenty-two years later that could make, or break, her career and more, but with risk involved. The story was written from a first person POV and I was engaged throughout and enjoyed being in Claire’s head.


Back Forever was a sweet and sexy story that chronicled many exciting transitions as the couple assimilates into a family unit with thrilling new arrivals and painful departures. Ms Booth’s appealing characters were endearingly stubborn and well-drawn; their comically clever inner musings had me smirking. Written from a dual POV, the storyline was engaging, entertaining, steamy, emotive, and eventful. I adored feisty and independent Claire and of course, had to feel an affinity to any character who loved peanut butter enough to eat it with a spoon. But I cherished the sweet and gentle heart of the swoon-worthy Christopher and fell completely under his spell. Sigh. The lively plot was thankfully less angsty than the first installment and was packed with feels, delicious steam, wit, humor, and poignant heart-squeezes.


Save A Prayer was a quick and engaging second chance romance. I enjoyed the glimpse into the backstory of the characters as well as the strength, evolution, and thoughtfulness of the characters. Their tale was relatable, entertaining, sweet, amusing and steamy. Exactly what her readers should expect from the talented Ms. Booth.


With Claire’s Diary, Karen Booth magically and completely inserted me within the psyche of a teenage girl. She totally captured the awkwardness, insecurity, uncertainty and angst of dealing with mean girls, first sexual experiences, first boyfriends, pimples, parental inquisitions, bedroom band posters, and high school locker drama. It was brilliant.

About the Author

Karen Booth is a Midwestern girl transplanted in the South, raised on 80s music, Judy Blume, and the films of John Hughes. She writes steamy contemporaries–big city love stories and rock star romances. When she isn’t creating fictional hunky men, she’s listening to music with her kids, honing her Southern cooking skills or sweet-talking her astoundingly supportive husband into whipping up a batch of cocktails.





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  1. Reply alandd4 Feb 2,2017 5:22 pm

    Seems like a great series, but I’m not into series right now. Still, thanks for the review!

  2. Reply Caroline Feb 3,2017 8:39 am

    This sounds pretty dang cute. And seems like they’d probably all make decent stand alones. (STOP ADDING BOOKS TO MY TBR LIST!!!!! lol)

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