Book Review: First Last Forever Anthology 2


First Last Forever – Anthology

by K C Maguire, Mandy Broughton, Ellen Leventhal, Monica Shaughnessy, Artemis Greenleaf






Love them or hate them, we’ve all had first dates. From the first blush of romance to the slamming of a door, nothing can capture—or repel—our hearts so fully. Do we swoon with desire? Hope for tenderness? Or does the first meeting shatter any chance of two souls connecting? In First Last Forever, each story follows the passionate, sometimes accidental rendezvous between two people as they fight to overcome the one obstacle between them and happiness—the disastrous first date. Will they end with a promise, a parting, or a pledge? Read them all to find out.

“Valentine’s Date”
by K. C. Maguire
Should we be friends?

“Salt to a Wound”
by Mandy Broughton
First world dating problems

“Speed Freaks”
by Monica Shaughnessy
Five minutes to find forever.

“Prima Facie”
by Artemis Greenleaf
Say no to drugs and yes to romance.

“Date from Hell”
by Monica Shaughnessy
Karma has never been so sexy.

“A Soliloquy of Survival or First Dates Suck”
by Ellen Leventhal
Stalkers can be so hot.

by Artemis Greenleaf
Killer dates come in small packages with excellent dance moves.

by Artemis Greenleaf
High winds lead to high romance.

“In the Mood”
by Mandy Broughton
Principal Charming experiments with thermodynamics

“Famine’s Daughter”
by Artemis Greenleaf
Never force a woman’s hand.

“Auld Lang Syne”
by Ellen Leventhal
Can we call a do-over?


My Rating:

4 hearts


Favorite Quotes:


“And he’s not a bad guy in the right light and after a few glasses of alcohol.”


“I count the lines on his forehead like I’m counting the rings of a tree.”


“He’s the kind of guy my mother would grab in the grocery store and shove in front of me. ‘Look, Lindsey, here’s a nice one,’ she’d say, as if we were picking out melons.”


“The next four dates pass like childbirth, a pain I am not familiar with but one my mother recounts when I disappoint her.”


“Tears started and he cried like a small child who didn’t get that candy bar in the grocery store.”


“At thirty-five, however, Josie couldn’t afford to play hard to get, not when she was halfway down life’s path. She’d thrown too many fish back over the years, and the older she got, the less bait she had to offer. Hence, tonight’s low-cut, thigh-high, traffic-stopping dress.”


“Most of the guests had already left by the time Emily tossed the bouquet at me, her two college roommates, and Mom’s widowed elderly neighbor, Mrs. Paddington. Good grad, Mrs. P.!”


“And that diet I’ve been on, well, I have only fifteen pounds to go from the ten I originally wanted to lose.”


“I told them I had students to discipline and dreams to crush. Keeping you all downtrodden and helpless is full-time work.”


My Review:

A grab bag of fun, touching, ironic, thrilling, and chilling stories involving first dates. Each self-contained story is short and mostly complete, a few just end, but none are a lead in or cliffhanger into a second book or series. These are entertaining and quick reads that can be completed during a coffee break or several read during a lunch period. Most involved highly likable everyday people with issues that were easy to relate with, although a few had paranormal elements. My favorite of the bunch involved a handsome devil.


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2 thoughts on “Book Review: First Last Forever Anthology

  1. Reply valerie shyne Feb 6,2016 5:31 am

    It sounds like fun. I have never finished any of my anthalogy books before.

  2. Reply Feita Feb 6,2016 6:36 am

    I really like anthologies because you can sample a lot of new authors at once. Bad first dates- everyone has a story to tell about one.

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