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Finding Secrets

by Lauren Westwood


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A country house, a precious jeweled locket, and a puzzle dating back to the London Blitz and Imperial Russia. Utterly captivating, a fantastic romance from beginning to end. Perfect for the fans of Carole Matthews and Milly Johnson.

Alex Hart loves her dream job as manager of Mallow Court, a historic Elizabethan house, even if her friends think she needs to get out more. But a discovery in the pocket of an old coat – a jeweled mechanical locket shaped like a bird – changes everything, and Alex discovers that things are not as they seem.

From an old diary to a handsome barrister, a mysterious clockmaker, and the darkest hours of the London Blitz, Alex must follow the trail of the jeweled bird to uncover the truth about the things she holds dearest – and someone is determined not to let sleeping dogs lie!

Only by finding the secrets of the past can Alex find the keys to her future – and her heart.


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Favorite Quotes:


Some days, my humble origins feel less like a chip on my shoulder and more like a steel girder.


But when you get to be my age, you don’t have to drive to Lover’s Lane for a fumble in the back of daddy’s car.


It was over almost before it began. And later on, as I write these words, the memory seems like a bubble frozen in amber. I replay his words in my head, try to remember every second. But it’s no use. I’m struck not by the things the great man said – but what he didn’t say.   He never said ‘thank you.’


No problem. God forgives a multitude of sins. But for everyone else, I find that free-flowing champagne helps a lot.



My Review:


Finding Secrets contained several ripping good mysteries spanning over six decades. Written from my favorite dual POV, one narrator was speaking from 1940 in the midst of the London Blitz, and the other was more current and in the year 2000. Ms. Westwood consistently and deftly handled the transitions and built the tension with highly intriguing threads within each timeline. There were ample quirky characters to keep straight in each era as well as many deviously and craftily dropped clues and misdirections in this clever and complex plot that kept my head spinning. I reveled in it, although I began to suspect nearly everyone and held my breath hoping that someone was finally going to come through for the beleaguered Alex. The plot was entertaining and well constructed while Ms. Westwood’s writing was insightful, richly detailed, keenly observant, and frequently amusing.   I also picked up a few new vocabulary words to add to my Brit word list, I just love when that happens.


About Lauren Westwood

Originally from California, Lauren relocated to England in 2000. She works as a lawyer for a renewable energy company. Laure’s first novel, ‘Finding Home’ was inspired by her family’s 3-year search for a house that made them the bane of home county estate agents. She currently resides in a pernickety 400-year old house in Surrey with her partner and their three daughters. She enjoys travel, visiting old houses, baking with her daughters, dance, playing piano, and hates tennis.

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One comment on “Book Review: Finding Secrets by Lauren Westwood

  1. Reply Angel Leafr M Tayup Mar 13,2017 5:55 am

    I really like this kind of narrative in two time lines. Good review.
    P.D: The contrast between the cover and the plot makes me very funny.

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