Book Review: Fierce Attraction (Attraction Series Book 3) by JB Heller

fierce attraction  Fierce Attraction

by JB Heller





Can she put her past behind her long enough for him to sweep her off her feet?


Ashlynn has come a long way since surviving a life-altering attack at the hands of her boyfriend five years ago. She’s stronger than ever, but will she ever be able to trust another man that deeply again?

The moment Axel laid eyes on Ashlynn he knew she was the one. However, convincing her of that will take more effort than he’s ever had to put in for a woman before.

Winning over Ashlynn and teaching her to trust again will take every ounce of Axel’s charm, charisma and determination. But will it all be for naught when her ex shows up determined to get Ashlynn back, whether she wants him or not?

*Recommended for audiences over 18 years old. Contains sexual situations and harsh language.

**Fierce Attractions is the third book in the interconnecting standalone Attraction Series.

My Rating:

4.5 hearts



Favorite Quotes:


I’d tried telling Liz I was fictosexual, but she laughed in my face… I knew it was the perfect way to describe my sexuality. I was only into fictional men. No real life one could measure up…


‘So, what does being your friend entail, exactly.’   ‘Lots of physical contact.’ He shot back in all seriousness. ‘And clothing is always optional. Friends let friends be naked. Also, a lot of action movies, popcorn, chocolate covered strawberries, sex, long walks on the beach, and candlelit dinners.’


I’ve never been so caught up in someone as I am with you.


Hot damn! A smokin’ hot librarian who loved smut. She couldn’t get any better if she tried.



My Review:


JB Heller has rewarded us with another addition to her Attraction Series, and Fierce Attraction – Book 3  is a quick and exciting read with 200 pages of sweet and sexy romance, humor, intrigue, playful antics, sibling hijinks, amusing pick-up lines, and fun loving yet foul-mouthed he-men.   I enjoyed every page of it, as I have every other tale from the talented Ms. Heller.

Ashlynn is beyond socially awkward and prone to panic attacks, but she catches Axel’s eye and he is instantly smitten. Despite all the risks and past history to work through, they are perfect for each other and of course their sizzling sensual chemistry speeds that process along. The storyline was engaging, the characters were endearingly flawed and highly lovable, and the writing was humorous and easy to follow. JB Heller remains one of my favorite Aussies of all time.

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jb heller

About the Author

I’m a regular Aussie chic, with a spunky husband and a few kids.

I’ve worked in many different fields, trying to find my niche. But nothing felt right until now. I have found my fit. I am passionate about reading as well as writing and I have gained some incredibly inspiring friends from this journey.

I write contemporary comedic romance with a bit of spice to keep things interesting.

I like to write fun, interesting characters that grab your attention from the very beginning.

I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them. X






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