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Ethan Walker’s Road to Wonderland

by L. J. Stock




At nineteen, the world has so many possibilities.

Ethan Walker was a typical teenager in that respect. He was happy, living at home with his family and partying when the mood struck. He was in no rush to grow up. His life was a blank page just waiting to be written, but that couldn’t last forever.

Unfortunately, reality came knocking at Ethan’s door, forcing him to face truths he’d never allowed himself to see in the past – truths that soon robbed him of his innocence and youth. With the life he’d always known gone forever, Ethan found himself battling demons in disguise, only to find his own weakness was his worst enemy.

When temptation turned to indulgence, and the ghosts of his past encouraged him to dig deeper, Ethan sought salvation in the form of violence. His fists and fortitude became his bread and butter, but the new turn in his life rejected the familiar and opened the door to more evil.

Inevitably, the darkness tried to sink him, and there was only one constant light that somehow seemed to shine brighter than the promise of escape: the mystery girl with the golden hair.

In order to survive, Ethan had to dig deep and find a strength in himself not even he was sure existed. Only when he found himself on a path to Wonderland did he start to see a future beyond his past. All he had to do to get there was learn to breathe and not get himself killed in the process.


My Rating:

5 hearts


Favorite Quotes:


“My pleasure, you condescending, belligerent dick.  There’s a dictionary in the living room if your simple mind can’t twist those words into making sense.”


“If it hadn’t been for my panted and grunted exhales, I was pretty sure you could have heard an ant fart in the place.”


“Every breath stabbed at me.  Every thought that slowly came was whisked away before it had time to form.  I wished for death to make it stop.  I don’t know how long I was like that, lost in that cacophony of white noise that surrounded me, but my first lucid thought was filled with shame.  What the hell had I become?”


“I felt like a horny teenager suddenly discovering porn for the first time when she said my name again.”


“This girl was going to make me as mad as a damn hatter, and no matter which way I looked at it, I knew my journey was only just beginning.”


My Review:


Book 3 in my journey through Wonderland and I am still grooving on the shared timeline and stunned at the quality and caliber of writing I continue to find throughout this series.  L. J. Stock’s craft of Ethan’s story is compelling, heartbreaking, and dynamic.  I could not put it down.  Ethan’s inner musings were deeply insightful yet often sardonic and self-depreciating while he maintained his agonizing and self-destructive lifestyle of addiction as well as through his recovery and success.  This book squeezed my cold heart and kept me squirming.  I was even more intrigued with Ethan at the close of the book as I had been from the start.  I am near desperate in wanting to read a HEA for him and Izzy, but I am always like that with books I adore, I am greedy like that.

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From a young age L.J. Stock was led by her imagination. From the moment she could read she fell into worlds where trees could talk and little girls could move things with their minds.

In no hurry to grow up, she found stories all around her, in the forests of Plym Bridge, the moss covered hills of Dartmoor, then, as she grew older, the wide spread city of Houston, where she currently resides and works. A constant daydreamer, she hopes that one day, her passion can become something more than just a hobby for her.

Still led by her imagination, the worlds have slowly grown from childish adventures to urban fantasies and romances. With inspirational authors such as Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, Judy Blume, John Grisham and Stephen King guiding her through her life so far, L.J. Stock has finally decided that it is time for her to go for gold and try land herself on someone else’s future list of favorites.

Putting words on paper is as essential as breathing to her, but on the rare occasions that she isn’t writing, she can be found with a video game remote in hand or curled up on the couch with her pup and a good book. Music is also such an important part of her life, it’s a wonder there isn’t a background soundtrack playing wherever she goes.

A good girl to most, a bad girl to a few, L.J. believes that every genre should be attempted and is more than likely to have tried to release three hundred series’ ranging from vampires and werewolves, to dystopian and even classic romance, before she reaches even middle age. At least, that’s the plan for now.

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  1. Reply alishadwebster Jan 6,2016 10:34 am

    Great review! is he damaged but trying to better himself or blind to the fact he needs to change?

  2. Reply J. Hooligan (@platypire) Jan 7,2016 6:56 am

    I love that you add your favorite quotes! It helps give me a better glimpse at how the story is.

  3. Reply Curly Carla Jan 7,2016 12:23 pm

    Guess what? I got paid today!!!!! Woo hoo, I think I will gets the others too.

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