Book Review: Clipper Beach by Roma Brooks

clipper beachClipper Beach

by Roma Brooks




Sandhya, a haughty Wall Street executive, faces a tough decision that will affect her life. She arrives at the Rising Tides Inn for a brief vacation. James is a handsome, enigmatic guest at the inn whose unpredictable behavior puts Sandhya on edge. Both are imprisoned by what happened in their past, and are drawn to each other in spite of a mutual hesitation to get involved.

Pete and Zadie Strathmore are proud owners of the luxurious Rising Tides Inn. Their hospitality extends beyond catering to their guests’ physical comforts. They go the extra mile to pamper their souls.

Welcome to Cape Harriet, where you can slow down and breathe in the salty breeze, and smell the roses.


My Rating:

4 hearts

Favorite Quote:


“There is something in confiding with complete strangers, she thought, like sharing your innermost desires with someone on a long flight.   You know you will probably never see them again.”


My Review:


Clipper Beach was a fast and intriguing read, although it kept me somewhat on edge as there were missing puzzle pieces to their story, and the author was holding her cards close to her vest.  And of course, I immediately wanted to know all their secrets when they were not forthcoming.   The writing was lush with richly detailed vistas in a beautiful area of the country I have never traveled, with this short story having me considering it for my next trip. I could almost smell the sea air and hear the birds chirp. While it ended rather abruptly, a bribe was extended with a free copy of the next installment, which certainly helped rein in my usual temper flare to nasty cliffhangers.

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