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pointeChristmas On Pointe

by Samantha Chase





It’s Christmastime again in Silver Bell Falls and the whole town is getting in the spirit to help ballet teacher Abby Foster achieve her dream of opening her own dance studio!

Dancing has been Abby’s dream for her entire life – but more than anything, she wanted that dream in her beloved hometown of Silver Bell Falls. Teaching ballet to children at the community center is fine, but she’ hoping for so much more – her own studio, her own business…not to mention maybe meeting Mr. Right and having a family of her own. For almost a year, she’s been picturing Dean Hughes in that role and if he wasn’t such a darn recluse, maybe she’d have a chance.

Solitude and Dean Hughes have always gone hand-in-hand. It wasn’t by choice, but because of circumstances beyond his control. And once again, things are out of his control when he finds himself being named permanent guardian for his five year old niece just in time for the holidays. Dean had always imagined that he’d have a family of his own someday, just not quite like this. With the support of his hometown friends, he knows he’s going to be okay. But it’s Abby’s help with his niece that’s making the biggest difference.

This isn’t the Christmas either of them has planned, but maybe it’s the chance for the most perfect one yet!


My Rating:

4.5 hearts


Favorite Quote:


Most men suck at communicating, Abby. Like, they seriously suck at it. I’ve been married for over thirty years and I can say this with great certainty.


My Review:


Christmas on Pointe was a feel-good, sweet, and heartfelt small town romance between a single man, who was close to being the town recluse, and a nurturing and personable waitress/dance teacher. Forced to quickly transition from loner to instant caretaker for his young orphaned niece, Dean was rescued by Abby’s willingness to step in and assist him with more than dance lessons for the five-year-old. The featured community was a pleasant and supportive one that pulled together to assist the sweet couple. Written from a third person POV, the story took place over a two-month period and progressed quickly with the endearing and charming couple being essentially adorable together. The storyline was easy to follow, relevant, gentle, and entertaining. The writing was sweet, emotive, and almost drama free with those special added touches of humor and clever insights that elevate a good story to an engaging one.

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About the Authorsamantha Chase

New York Times and USA Today Bestseller/contemporary romance writer Samantha Chase released her debut novel, Jordan’s Return, in November 2011. Although she waited until she was in her 40’s to publish for the first time, writing has been a lifelong passion. Her motivation to take that step was her students: teaching creative writing to elementary age students all the way up through high school and encouraging those students to follow their writing dreams gave Samantha the confidence to take that step as well.

When she’s not working on a new story, she spends her time reading contemporary romances, playing way too many games of Scrabble or Solitaire on Facebook and spending time with her husband of 25 years and their two sons in North Carolina



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  1. Reply Alisha Webster Nov 8,2016 7:29 am

    I am so excited to start my christmas reading list <3 This looks like a cute read, I'll have to keep an eye out for its release.

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