Book Review: Christmas Cravings by Emma Hamilton

christmas cravings

Christmas Cravings

by Emma Hamilton





How could everything that seemed so right suddenly have gone so wrong for Mia? Snow is on the ground and Christmas lights twinkle in the German Christmas market. The warm, spiced wine is just right, but there’s still one key ingredient missing from her romantic dream. Will Mia’s Christmas turn out to be sugar and spice and all things nice – or a deflated soufflé of loneliness and regret?
Christmas Cravings is a festive romance standalone episode from the Greedily Yours series.


My Rating:

3.5 hearts


Favorite Quotes:


“You see, the perfect recipe for a long and happy partnership, if in doubt, blame it on the dog.”


“Mia’s waterproof trousers swished together and her neoprene fingerless gloves felt stiff on her hands as she walked over to Jack.  She felt like a dark clad Michelin man…”


“They always make sex in baths look so easy in the movies… Clearly it isn’t when you’re two tall people with a dog outside scrabbling to get in and an aunt downstairs cooking up a storm,”


My Review:


I am new to this series about a Foodie Blogger, but I can sum up the writing style in just one word… detailed.  Every scene was richly detailed, even the most mundane of tasks was effusively detailed, which both added and distracted during the reading experience.  I enjoyed the glints of humor and inner musings, although while not unpleasant, I found it a bit humdrum.

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