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Chasing Tomorrow

Chasing Tomorrow

by SJ McCoy


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Ben Walton grew up in Summer Lake, he’s always known that he belongs there. His goal in life has always been to grow the resort that his family has owned for generations.

Charlotte DeWinter spent her childhood summers at the lake, staying with her grandparents. From the age of ten, she believed she would marry Ben someday. Ben believed it too.

Everything looked as though it was on track for these two, until it all went wrong the summer they were eighteen.

If you’ve read the Summer Lake series, you’ve no doubt wondered about Ben, and why he hasn’t had his own book yet. Chasing Tomorrow is Ben’s backstory, an insight into his past and what made him who he is.

WARNING!!! This is not Ben’s happily-ever-after story, but a look into his past. Chasing Tomorrow is a shorter story than the other Summer Lake books. This one is around 40k words whereas the others are mostly 70-80k. It begins immediately after The Wedding Dance ends and looks back at one fateful summer.

This book is intended for adult readers 18+
Chasing Tomorrow is NOT intended to be read as a stand alone novel. This book is for my lovely readers who have enjoyed Summer Lake books 1-8. It’s especially for those who have wondered about Ben and why he hasn’t had his own book already. If you haven’t yet, you can start the series for FREE with Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt

All the other books can be read as stand alones – no cliff hangers here! Each book contains one couple’s story. However, they are best read in order to get full enjoyment of the underlying story and friendships.

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Book 2: Work Like You Don’t Need the Money – Pete and Holly
Book 3: Dance Like Nobody’s Watching – Missy and Dan
Book 4: Fly Like You’ve Never Been Grounded – Smoke and Laura
Book 5: Laugh Like You’ve Never Cried – Michael and Megan
Book 6: Sing Like Nobody’s Listening – Kenzie and Chase
Book 7: Smile Like You Mean It – Gabe and Renée
Book 8: The Wedding Dance – Missy and Dan’s Wedding


My Rating:

4.5 hearts


Favorite Quotes:


“Life’s too short to waste it.  Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.  You two need to kiss and make up and get on with living today.”


“She was always chasing tomorrow… she was more concerned with chasing dreams and ideals than getting the most out of the day we were in.”


“He’d only managed to survive all these years because he kept the past, all his memories and feelings for Charlotte, closed up in a box.  They came out sometimes, but he managed to put them away as quickly as he could.”


My Review:


I adore S.J. McCoy’s work – whether it is the Summer Lake series or the Remington Ranch hunks.  Her characters are endearing and indelible, and people I would like to spend time with and know.  Chasing Tomorrow is largely Ben’s backstory and small slice of his present day.  I have been itching and antsy for this sweet and kind man to find his happily ever after, as he has been helping and watching as his friends have achieved theirs.  I had even hoped he had a secret love stashed away whom his friends were unaware.  However, once revealed, his history squeezed then broke my heart, although I am optimistic that his future looks brighter.  So please hurry Ms. McCoy… I beg that you don’t keep Ben waiting much longer.  He’s not getting any younger!


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About the Author

SJ McCoy 2Hi, I’m SJ. A coffee addict, lover of chocolate and drinker of good red wines. I’m a lost soul and a hopeless romantic. Reading and writing are necessary parts of who I am. Though perhaps not as necessary as coffee! I can drink coffee without writing, but I can’t write without coffee.

I grew up loving romance novels, my first boyfriends were book boyfriends, but life intervened, as it tends to do, and I wandered down the paths of non fiction for many years. My life changed completely a couple of years ago and I returned to Romance to find my escape.

I write ‘Sweet N Steamy’ stories because to me there is enough angst and darkness in real life. My favorite romances are happy escapes with a focus on fun, friendships and happily-ever-afters, just like the ones I write.

These days I live in beautiful Montana, the last best place. If I’m not reading or writing you’ll find me just down the road in the park – Yellowstone. I have deer, eagles and the occasional bear for company, and I like it that way :0)




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  1. Reply Anita Mar 30,2016 6:04 am

    I’ve had series like that – where I’ve waited on a certain charactwr’s chance at HEA, it’s always so sweet when it finally comes!

  2. Reply Curly Carla Apr 4,2016 6:33 pm

    I need to catch up on this series as well.

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